Howard Cambridge
Research Associate



A geographer with over 20 years research experience in the field of environment and sustainable development. Howard has worked at SEI since 1994 on numerous GIS based research projects both nationally and in developing countries in the field of air and noise pollution, hydrology and biodiversity.

He currently is responsible for database development, management and online provision on an EU funded project, TEST (Transport Environment Science and Technology). He has led research projects using participatory mapping including a community engagement project called "The Good Life" in York funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. He has been involved in developing capacity to use of atmospheric transport tools for rapid urban assessment of air pollution in developing countries (e.g. SIMair).

In addition to his role as researcher he was the SEI web manager for 12 years as well as many other websites including a NERC funded project Biodiviersty and Ecosystem Service Sustainability (BESS). He has led the development of a number of web mapping interfaces and has provided training and capacity development for websites for a number of organisations in both developed and developing countries.  

He has also produces a range of different outreach material for projects including web mapping, audio, and video presentational material. He has presented his research at a number of conferences and has published a number of journal articles and book chapters.

Howard's first degree in Geography (Bsc Hons 2i) from University of Plymouth and Masters degree in Remote Sensing from Cranfield University.  He worked for the Joint research Centre of the European Communities, Ispra (1991-1993) using remote sensing data to construct time-series for assessing land use change.



Howard Cambridge has current research interests in the field of aviation and sustainability as well as the use of information communication technology for behavioural change. He has also developed and used various tools for communicating sustainability including online GIS and video.

His previous research has been concerned with environmental impacts of air pollution and the development of GIS techniques for environmental applications.




Howard Cambridge

Howard Cambridge 

Telephone: 07552 285887