Doat 21–24


We are devoting this part of our website to translations from various other texts about heresy and inquisition in medieval Languedoc. This is for use – and for fun.

Published anthologies continue to expand what is available in translation. The Cathars and the Albigensian Crusade: A Sourcebook, edited by Catherine Léglu, Rebecca Rist and Claire Taylor, was published by Routledge in 2014, and forthcoming in the Manchester Medieval Sources in Translation series in February 2016 is Heresy and Inquisition in France, 1200-1300, edited by John H. Arnold and Pete Biller.

But: there are many other texts out there that have never been accessible in translation. These include material relating to confiscation of heretics’ property, inquisitors’ accounts, some of the legal consultations, and unpublished depositions. We shall be providing a sample of these in Scripta diversa. And the sample will grow over the years of the project, as we continue to add texts.

The first two samples we are providing are, first, an early consultation for inquisitors (in 'Consultations', below), and secondly selections from the biggest cache of depositions outside those being edited in the Doat project (in 'Toulouse 609', below). We shall soon be adding further translations of inquisitors’ consultations, as well as of Lombard inquisitors’ accounts – not descriptions of heretics, but accounts of receipts and expenditure!