Lab News

3 year NERC-funded postdoc position: Feb 2024
Gene flow between native and non-native plants in the UK.

Advertised PhD project starting: Oct 2024
Genetic consequences of climate change-induced range shifts in Aricia butterflies.

Working on mushrooms: 17 Sept 2021
The DGF have funded our (PI Joe Hoffman) proposal on ceps!

Lucie Queste passes PhD viva: 28 May 2021
Congratulations Dr Queste!!!! A well earned PhD.

NERC-funded project starts: 1 Apr 2021
Work finally starts on our grant "The genetic basis of convergence across evolutionary time" together with co-I Nicola Nadeau and Project Partners Marianne Elias, Caroline Bacquet and Camilo Salazar.


The Dasmahapatra Group

elevatus hindwing ray
We are based in the Department of Biology at the University of York.

We study speciation, gene flow between species, and the genetic basis of adaptations. Wile predominantly working on neotropical butterflies, our research encompasses a wide range of other organisms: moths, butterflies not from the neotropics, ants, cichlid fishes, seals, mushrooms and flowering plants. We do this in collaboration with researchers across many continents.

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