Pilgrims and Pilgrimage

...to Pilgrims and Pilgrimage, a website offering ways to explore a concept, common to almost all cultures and faiths through the centuries, that still profoundly influences millions of people today.

This website outlines the multiple meanings of pilgrimage within the Christian tradition in particular, exploring their expression through the centuries and their continuing significance today. This survey is set against the background of the importance of pilgrimage in faiths and cultures worldwide.

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This website accompanies the Pilgrims and Pilgrimage: Journey, Spirituality and Daily Life through the Centuries - a CD-ROM resource covering all aspects of pilgrimage in its various forms.

"Highly informative with excellent illustrations from illuminated manuscripts and architecture - an indispensable resource." Prof. Eamon Duffy, Magdalene College, Cambridge

For more information on the CD-ROM, or for purchasing options, see our Pilgrims and Pilgrimage CD-ROM page.


What does 'pilgrimage' mean and why is it important?

Pilgrimage Resources
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Find sections on pilgrimage in faiths and cultures worldwide, pilgrimage and social anthropology, and the multiple meanings of pilgrimage in Christian tradition from the Bible to the present day.

Exploring Pilgrimage Today
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Discover more about the history of pilgrimage for yourself, and observe and experience the practice of pilgrimage today, by visiting some of the places discussed on this website. Find links to pilgrim destinations and other useful websites.

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