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Neil Carter graduated in Politics from the University of Durham and received his postgraduate degrees from the University of Bath. He has held visiting appointments at Griffith University, Monash University and Nuffield College. His main research and teaching interests have focused on environmental politics and policy, and on British party politics.

See Blowing Hot and Cold: A Critical Analysis of Labour's Climate Change Policy.



Neil Carter is interested in all aspects of environmental politics and policy. The second edition of his book, The Politics of the Environment, was published in 2007. During 2013-2015 he has been awarded (with Professor Robert Ladrech,  Keele University) an ESRC grant of £244,691 for the project Climate Policy and Political Parties. See the project website for latest developments:

Previously he held a Leverhulme Research Fellowship for a project studying UK climate policy and an ESRC grant (with Dr Charlotte Burns) for a project titled 'Is the European Parliament an Environmental Champion?' He was a founding member of the Centre for Ecology, Law and Policy at the University of York. Neil Carter also has a strong interest in British politics, particularly in political parties and elections, and in participatory democracy.


Neil Carter welcomes research applications in any of his areas of interest.  He has supervised fourteen PhD students to successful completion and is currently supervising six students:

  • Sandra Guzman Luna  - The role of public finance in the transition towards a low carbon development in emerging economies.
  • Jean-Paul Skeete - What effect is the motorsports industry having on the transition to low-carbon technologies in the private car market?
  • David Cole - The effects of civil society opposition on far right parties
  • Talia Contreras Tapia - Mexico's road to sustainable energy: the impact of renewable energy on development
  • Stefanos Pentaras - The impact of far right parties on democracy
  • Gracia Paramitha - Bilateral climate governance in Indonesia


External activities

Editorial duties

Associate Editor, Environmental Politics


Neil Carter was commissioned by Friends of the Earth to produce a study of the Labour Government’s environment policies; New Labour, New Environment? – an Analysis of the Labour Government's Policy on Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss, July 2007. He has advised the Science Museum on its climate change exhibition.

Neil Carter regularly contributes to national and local radio.

Neil Carter

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