Dr Adam Fusco
Associate Lecturer in Political Theory



Adam Fusco’s research and teaching focuses on topics in contemporary political theory, political philosophy, and the history of political thought. Adam is particularly interested in republican and democratic political theory, with a specific focus on the politics of self-determination, secession, and constitutional innovation and reform.

Adam completed his doctoral thesis “Freedom and Political Status: A Republican Theory and Critique of the Politics of Self-Determination” in the Politics Department, University of York in 2016 and is now an Associate Lecturer in Political Theory.



Adam’s research falls into two separate but interrelated areas in political theory:

1) Republicanism

Adam’s research examines the revival of republicanism as a contemporary political theory. Adam is interested in examining how satisfactory the republican revival has been with regards to issues including pluralism, depolitisation, and its ability to critique and diagnose structural forms of domination and forms of arbitrary power in existing democratic political systems. 

2) Political Obligation, Secession, and Constitutional Reform

Adam’s research also examines the question why should individuals and groups obey political authority. In particular, Adam is interested in assessing the political claims of groups who argue that the political authority they are subject to is illegitimate, especially in democracies.  Adam’s research investigates the normative criteria and circumstances in which claims about the evaporation of democratic political obligation are legitimate and what political diagnoses, including secession and constitutional reform, should follow from this. Adam’s research examines this with particular reference to the politics of Scotland, N. Ireland, and the constitution of the United Kingdom.



  • Global Justice
  • Contemporary Political Philosophy
  • History of Political Thought
  • Introduction to Political Theory


  • Political Research and Analysis


Selected publications

Fusco, A. (2014) ‘After the Referendum’, Renewal, 22 (1-2), pp.38-46.

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