Paul Noordhof
Anniversary Professor of Philosophy



Before I came to the department in 2006, I was first lecturer, then reader, then a professor in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham (1994-2006). I joined the Nottingham department from a research fellowship at Clare Hall Cambridge (1992-1994). For many years, I was involved in the editing of Mind: an associate editor from 1991 and reviews editor from 2000. I set up the Mind and Reason group based in York in October 2010.

Departmental roles

  • Acting Chair of Research Committee Autumn 2017
  • Member of the Department Management Team



I have interests in various kinds of sensuous states – for example, perception, sensuous imagination and memory (sometimes known as experiential or episodic memory) and sensations such as pain – causation and related topics in mind and metaphysics; and belief, self-deception and delusion.


  • A Variety of Causes (Under contract with Oxford University Press (OUP), final draft for publication to be submitted shortly).
  • Cement of the Mind (Under contract with OUP, full draft to be submitted in 2018).
  • Art and Belief (OUP, edited collection with Ema Sullivan-Bissett and Helen Bradley, in press).
  • I’m also working on papers on Memory, Mental Modes, Emergence, Dependence, Connection between Belief and Truth, and a few others.


I am happy to supervise PhDs in any of the above areas and others. Amongst my previous PhD students are Nicholas Shackel (Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University) and Ema Sullivan-Bissett (Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Birmingham). My current PhD students are Deborah Wells (working on Delusion) and Stelios Panagiotou (working on Free Will and Reason).

Paul Noordhof

Contact details

Prof. Paul Noordhof
Anniversary Professor of Philosophy

Tel: 01904 323266



  • Metaphysics
  • Consciousness.