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Paul Noordhof
Anniversary Professor of Philosophy



Before I came to the department in 2006, I was first lecturer, then reader, then a professor in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham (1994-2006). I joined the Nottingham department from a research fellowship at Clare Hall Cambridge (1992-1994). For many years, I was involved in the editing of Mind: an associate editor from 1991 and reviews editor from 2000. I set up the Mind and Reason group based in York in October 2010.

Departmental roles

  • Member of the Department Management Team



I have interests in various kinds of sensuous states – for example, perception, sensuous imagination and memory (sometimes known as experiential or episodic memory) and sensations such as pain – causation and related topics in mind and metaphysics; and belief, self-deception and delusion.


  • A Variety of Causes (Under contract with Oxford University Press (OUP), final draft for publication to be submitted shortly).
  • Cement of the Mind (Under contract with OUP, full draft to be submitted in 2020).


  • I’m also working on papers on Memory, Mental Modes, Emergence, Dependence, Connection between Belief and Truth, and a few others.


I am happy to supervise PhDs in any of the above areas and others. Amongst my previous PhD students are Nicholas Shackel (Reader in Philosophy, Cardiff University) and Ema Sullivan-Bissett (Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Birmingham). My current PhD student is Deborah Wells (working on Delusion).

Paul Noordhof

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Professor Paul Noordhof
Anniversary Professor of Philosophy

Tel: 01904 323266



Undergraduate modules

  • Consciousness
  • Causation and Laws

Postgraduate modules

  • Topics in Theoretical Philosophy
  • Postgraduate Research Skills