Louise Richardson
Senior Lecturer



I joined the department in 2012. Before that, I was a junior research fellow at Christ Church, Oxford. I did my PhD in Warwick and my MA and undergraduate degree (both in Philosophy) in Durham. 

Departmental roles

  • Chair of the Board of Studies
  • Equality Champion
  • Member of Department Management Team



My research is concerned with questions about perception and the senses. I have published papers on seeing empty space, smell, taste, touch, bodily awareness, cross-modal perception and Molyneux’s question. 


I am a member of (S)PIN, a network for philosophers of perception at the Universities of York, Durham and Leeds. The network is involved in a number of ongoing projects.

I am currently working on two papers and a book. The first paper, ‘Smelling Sweet Things’, is about whether sweetness is a property that we can perceive with the sense of smell (I think we can). The second paper, 'Odours and Sense Data', is about the extent to which the Sense Datum theory of perception might be true of the sense of smell. The book, The Senses: A Philosophical Introduction, will be published by Routledge. 


I would be happy to supervise any PhD project in the Philosophy of Perception and to discuss supervising students working in Philosophy of Mind (and Philosophy of Psychology/Cognitive Science) more generally.

Louise Richardson

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Dr Louise Richardson

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