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York Medieval Press: series

York Medieval Press publishes a number of book series.

Health and Healing in the Middle Ages

Series Editors:

Peregrine Horden (Royal Holloway University of London)
Linda Ehrsam Voigts (University of Missouri-Kansas City)

York Medieval Press has been an occasional publisher of monographs on the history of medicine and related topics, such as Isla Fay’s Health and the City: Disease, Environment and Government in Norwich, 1200-1575 or more recently Zubin Mistry’s Abortion in the Early Middle Ages, c.500-900. The YMP editorial board built on this tradition by establishing a series devoted to the history of health and healing in the Middle Ages, and invited us, Peregrine Horden and Linda Ehrsam Voigts, to serve as editors. We want to construe the subject matter broadly, from studies of disease via palaeopathology to medical humanities, and to encourage submissions from a very wide geographical and chronological range. We invite informal expressions of interest for both monographs and tightly-focused edited collections. The submission should be supported by a one-page prospectus, a brief chapter outline, and a one-page curriculum vitae.

Please e-mail us both simultaneously at and We look forward to discussing your planned volumes.

Heresy and Inquisition in the Middle Ages

Series Editors:

John H. Arnold (Cambridge)
Peter Biller (York)
L.J. Sackville (York) 

York Medieval Press had been an occasional publisher of books on the history of heresy and inquisition, such as Texts and the Repression of Medieval History, ed. Caterina Bruschi and Peter Biller, and Beverly Kienzle’s Cistercians, Heresy and Crusade in Occitania, 1145-1229. The original idea for a dedicated series came from Caroline Palmer at Boydell and Brewer in 2010, and the first volume was published in 2011, Lucy Sackville’s Heresy and Heretics in the Thirteenth Century: The Textual Representations. The series presents a wide range of work on medieval heresy and its repression, understood in broad terms, ranging from late antiquity to the end of the middle ages. It aims to bring important international scholarship to an Anglophone audience, and publishes a variety of 
monographs, edited collections, and translated materials.

The series editors invite serious scholarly contributions on any aspects of heresy and its repression, whether as monographs, collections of essays, or translations of primary sources.

Please email us simultaneously at, and

York Manuscript and Early Print Studies

Series Editors:

Orietta Da Rold (Cambridge)
Holly James-Maddocks (York)

The University of York’s Centre for Medieval Studies published in this field long before York Medieval Press was created, notably a series of proceedings of York Manuscript Conferences. More recently and until the retirement of Professor Linne Mooney in 2018 the YMP’s series in this field was called Manuscript Culture in the British Isles. The YMP Board invited us to take over the editorship of the series, now proceeding under the title York Manuscript and Early Print Studies. This series has been established to further the study of handwritten and early print sources for literature and intellectual history in the pre-modern period. It champions an interconnected mode of analysis for the textual, material and cultural, whether the focus is local, regional, national or transnational. The series editors invite contributions providing critical approaches to manuscript studies, history of the book, cultural history, philology and editing, for publication formats including (but not limited to) monographs, edited collections, and catalogues. Please email us simultaneously at and

Advisory Committee:

Alexandra da Costa (Cambridge)
Marilena Maniaci (Cassino)
Linne Mooney (York)
Nicola Morato (Liège)
Máire Ní Mhaonaigh (Cambridge)
David Rundle (Kent)
Elaine Treharne (Stanford)

Political Culture in the Middle Ages

Series Editor:

Anthony Musson (Historic Royal Palaces)

York Medieval Press is pleased to launch a new series devoted to understanding the political culture medieval England, its structures, personalities, customs, conventions and beliefs. The first volume in the new series is Monarchy, State and Political Culture in Late Medieval England: Essays in Honour of W. Mark Ormrod, ed. Gwilym Dodd and Craig Taylor. This collection of essays, written by Ormrod's former PhD students and research collaborators, encompasses political, administrative, legal, Church and social history, exploring three main themes: monarchy, state and political culture. They provide important insights into late medieval English history and fittingly reflect the cultural approach to political history and close archival work that he has espoused. The new series welcomes contributions in this vein in the form or monographs or edited collections from scholars across the full chronology of the Middle Ages. 

Please send enquiries or proposal forms to me at

Writing History in the Middle Ages

Series Editors:

Laura Cleaver (Dublin)
Liesbeth Van Houts (Cambridge)

History-writing was a vital form of expression throughout the European Middle Ages, and is fundamental to our understanding of medieval societies, politics, modes of expression, cultural memory, and social identity. This series publishes innovative work on history-writing from across the medieval world; monographs, collections of essays, and editions of texts are all welcome. Please write to us simultaneously at and