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The Lords of Misrule at the York Mystery Plays

Posted on 18 September 2018

The Centre for Medieval Studies student theatre group the Lords of Misrule took to the streets last week to continue one of York's oldest traditions: The York Mystery Plays.

The Lords of Misrule present the Glovers' Play

Lords were responsible, on behalf of the Company of Merchant Taylors, in bringing forth the Glovers' Play: Cain and Abel.

While not all of the York Plays were performed (historically we have over 50 plays recorded), this year saw plays paired by theme, which each pairing including one Old Testament Play, and one New Testament performance. The Glovers' play was performed in a pair with the The Cooks’ and Waterleaders’ Play: The Remorse of Judas under the theme of Betrayal, while other themes of the performances were Creation, Temptation, Liberation, and Judgement - though the Mercers' Play: The Last Judgment, was performed as a standalone.

The production saw CMS alumni join with current CMS MA and PhD students, in a high-energy production, featuring an excellent death scene from CMS PhD Ross McIntire, (and some stellar waggon pushing/pulling from all involved!). The plays were performed on waggons, as they would have been in the medieval period, at four different stations across the city on Saturday 9th and 16th, and a stationary performance was held on Wednesday 12th September.

Here at the CMS we are proud of Lords for their contribution to what were an excellent set of performances. The atmosphere was incredible, and you are all now a part of York history!

The Lords of Misrule

‌‌ More information on this year’s York Mystery Plays can be found here.

To find out more about the Lords of Misrule, visit their Facebook page or find them on Twitter: @misrulecms