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York Medieval Press and the Centre for Medieval Studies at Leeds IMC 2024

Posted on 3 May 2024

On Tuesday 2nd July, CMS and York Medieval Press will be hosting jointly a reception at the 2024 Leeds International Medieval Congress, from 8:15-9:15 pm in St George Room, University House, University of Leeds.  All are welcome to come and join us to toast several exciting new YMP publications.

Just before the Reception, from 7:00-8:00 pm (IMC session 914) there will be a round table discussion on ACADEMIC PUBLISHING: FROM THESIS TO MONOGRAPH sponsored by York Medieval Press, organised by the YMP General Editor, Prof. Pete Biller, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of York:

In the current academic climate, it is increasingly important for early career researchers to publish their first monograph as soon as possible. Many scholars are thus faced with the prospect of putting together a book proposal and turning their thesis into a monograph shortly after passing their viva - often with little advice on how best to proceed. In this round table session, the General Editor and Assistant Editor of York Medieval Press [YMP] will be joined by Caroline Palmer, Editorial Director at Boydell & Brewer, along with several YMP series editors and authors, to share advice on how best to transform a thesis into a monograph. They will share general advice and best practice on selecting the right publisher and then pitching and writing a monograph, and provide much needed guidance for first time academic authors. Participants include Jo Edge (University of Edinburgh), Caroline Palmer (Boydell & Brewer, Woodbridge), and Emmie Price-Goodfellow (University of York)

CMS Staff, postdocs and graduate students are also presenting at many sessions throughout this year's congress.  Come and listen in to the many sessions and seek us out for discussion.  Sessions including CMS staff, students, postdocs and associates are: 

Monday 1st July
Sessions: 141/241/316/341

Tuesday 2nd July
Sessions: 543/634/741/848/914

Wednesday 3rd July
Sessions:  1003/1004/1040/1103/1203/1237/1303

Thursday 4th July
Sessions:  1502/1602/1702

And finally there will be 2 live performances - one on Monday 1st July by CMS Alumna Debbie Cannon, and on Wednesday 3rd July by the Centre for Medieval Studies student drama group, The Lords of Misrule.

For further information on the above sessions, please download the Leeds IMC 2024 Programme here