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Sunday 24 June 2018

 CMS 50th Anniversary Celebrations

 Centre for Medieval Studies Postgraduate Conference

Huntingdon Room, King’s Manor


10.00-10.30am. Welcome.


10.30-12.00pm Session 1.

Chair: Dr. Cordelia Beattie.

Jinming Yi – Town clerks and civic archives in late medieval England

Giacomo Valeri - Performing Grief: Pearl and the Language of Christian Mourning

Robert Grout - Better Unborn Than Untaught? Sir Perceval of Galles and the Nature of Medieval Childhood


12.00-1.00pm – Lunch.


1.00-2.30pm. Session 2.

Chair: Dr. Lisa Benz.

Ross McIntire: Claiming Cuthbert: Durham Cathedral Priory and the Landscapes of Northern Monasticism

Alicia Maddalena: A Word of the Wise: Examining Horskr in Old Norse Eddic Poetry

Harriet Jean Evans: Reading Animal-Human Relations: Sámr and Gunnarr in Njáls saga


2.30-3.00pm. - Break


3.00-4.30pm. Session 3, 10-minute papers by Master's students.

Chair: Dr. Jeremy Goldberg.

Claire Walsh: The Minster’s Own Myroblyte: Oil and the Saintly Body at the Tomb of William of York

Alice Yevko: Containing the Sacred: Expressions of Holy Past, Present and Future in Theophilus' Cast Censer

Sophie Spendlove: Putting the House in Household: Men, Masculinity and the Lodging Houses of Fourteenth Century Dartington Hall

Aaron Sheldon: Expressions of Fear in Medieval Icelandic Society

Isobel Staton: What Does the Commonplace Book of Robert Reynes of Acle Tell Us About Translation in Fifteenth Century England?


4.30pm – Close.


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