Accessibility statement

Installing software on managed PCs

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, normally referred to as Software Center, acts as a central point for users to access our supported software.

To access Software Center, either:

  • go to Start and type Software Center (note the US spelling) into Windows Search. It will appear in the list of results.
  • go to Start | Microsoft Endpoint Manager | Software Center

Using Software Center

Software Center has six options:

Applications This lists applications that may be optionally installed on a machine. Mandatory software may appear here with a greyed out uninstall option. Not all software is listed here and this section may be empty on classroom devices.
Updates This lists pending Windows updates on a machine and their status.
Operating Systems This shows available operating systems and upgrades. Some options available here may destroy data on the machine as part of their operation. Do not use any options under this tab unless you have been instructed to do so by a member of IT Services.
Installation Status This shows the status of any software that's currently being installed, scheduled to be installed or has recently been installed. It also acts as a shortcut to individual application pages.
Device Compliance This tab indicates if your device is fully compliant with mandatory software policies and allows you to manually initiate a check for this.
Options Here you can configure your business hours, opt out of power management and specify how Software Center carries out automatic actions.

Advanced Usage

Advanced users can manually launch some of Software Center's evaluation cycles. This can cause the device to receive missing software or more quickly receive new software deployments.

The evaluation cycle actions are located under Control Panel, System and Security, Configuration Manager, Actions. “Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle” causes the machine to update the list of software it’s eligible to receive. “Application Deployment  Evaluation Cycle” causes the machine to reevaluate the software it needs to install and in some instances can be used to make missing applications appear on the device. If running these doesn’t resolve your issue please contact IT Services for further support