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Anthony Masinton's visualisation of 1707 House of Commons

1707 House of Commons, produced by Dr. Anthony Masinton as part of the St Stephen's Project

The Ventilator and Ladies Gallery in the Attic of St Stephen’s’, by Frances Rickman, 1834. Pencil on paper. Parliamentary Art Collection, Palace of Westminster, WOA 26. © Parliamentary Art Collection.

‘Sketch of the Ventilator, House of Commons’ 1834, by Frances Rickman @Parliamentary Art Collection (WOA26)

Acoustic Model of the House of Commons

CATT-Acoustic model of the House of Commons c.1800

Listening to the Commons



Listening to the Commons is an AHRC funded project building on the work spearheaded by the AHRC ‘St Stephen’s Chapel’ project. It aims to recover the soundscape of debate as experience by women listening through a ventilator in the old House of Commons c. 1800-34.

Listen below to an auralization of the first stages of modelling of the House of Commons c.1780. The speech was originally made by Henry Beaufoy, MP for Great Yarmouth, on 25th April 1792.