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Christina Lodder

Honorary Fellow


BA University of York

Phil University of Sussex


Christina Lodder has published extensively on Russian art of the early twentieth century. Although her research has mainly focused on avant-garde developments, especially Constructivism and Suprematism, it has also extended to looking at the various ramifications of these movements on art and design in the rest of Europe. Since 2013, she has been President of the Malevich Society, and she is also co-editor of Verlag Ferdinand Schoeningh’s (formerly Brill’s) Russian History and Culture series.


Her numerous publications include  Russian Constructivism (1983); Constructing Modernity: The Art and Career of Naum Gabo (co-author, with Martin Hammer, 2000); Gabo on Gabo: Texts and Interviews (co-editor, with Martin Hammer, 2000); Constructive Strands in Russian Art (2005); Rethinking Malevich (co-editor, with Charlotte Douglas, 2007); Utopian Reality: Reconstructing Culture in Revolutionary Russia and Beyond (co-editor, with Maria Mileeva and Maria Kokkori, 2013); Aleksei Gan's Constructivism (translator, editor, author of introduction, 2013); and Celebrating Suprematism: New Approaches to the Art of Kazimir Malevich (editor, 2019). She is currently working on a book about Moscow’s art school, the Vkhutemas, which was the Russian equivalent of the Bauhaus.



2019: International Yearbook of Futurism Studies: Special Issue Russian Futurism, vol. 9 (Berlin; Boston: De Gruyter) 570pp: editor with Günter Berghaus, Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj, and Gabriella Elina Imposti.

2018: Celebrating Suprematism: New Approaches to the Art of Kazimir Malevich (Leiden, Brill), 290pp, editor. Contributed ‘Introduction’, pp. 1-10; & ‘Conflicting Approaches to Creativity? Suprematism and Constructivism’, pp. 259-288. 

2015: Translation of Selim Omarovich Khan-Magomedov, Georgii Krutikov: The Flying City and Beyond (Barcelona: Tenov Books) 159 pp.

2013: Aleksei Gan, Constructivism (Barcelona: Tenov) 166 pp: translator, editor and author of introduction 

2013Utopian Reality: Reconstructing Culture in Revolutionary Russia and Beyond (Leiden: Brill), 271pp,  editor with Maria Kokkori and Maria Mileeva. Co-author of  ‘Utopia and  Dystopia: The Impulse of History’, pp 1-8. Contributed ‘The Ghost in the Machine: The Modernist Architectural Utopia under Stalin’, pp. 169-192.  

2007Rethinking Malevich: Proceedings of a Conference in Celebration of the 125th Anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s Birth (London: Pindar Press), 381pp, editor with Charlotte Douglas. Contributed ‘Malevich Scholarship: A Brief Introduction’, pp. ix-xxii; and ‘Living in Space: Kazimir Malevich’s Suprematist Architecture and the Philosophy of Nikolai Fedorov’, pp. 172-202

2005: Constructive Strands in Russian Art (London: Pindar Press) 596 pp. Collection of articles, some of which had been published elsewhere.  

2000: Constructing Modernity: The Art and Career of Naum Gabo (New Haven and London: Yale University Press), 529pp, co-author with Martin Hammer

2000: Gabo on Gabo: Texts and Interviews (Forest Row, Sussex: Artists Bookworks) 295pp, co-editor with Martin Hammer

1995: Gabo's Stones, exhibition catalogue (Leeds: Henry Moore Institute, The Centre for the Study of Sculpture), 8pp, co-author with Martin Hammer.

1993: Russian Painting of the Avant-Garde l906-1924 (Edinburgh: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art), 95pp.

1983: Russian Constructivism (New Haven and London: Yale University Press) 328pp.   Reprinted 1985, 1988, 1990, 1998. Spanish translation: El Constructivsmo Russo (Madrid: Editorial Alianza S.A.C., 1988). 


Selected List of Articles (Total published: 114 in books; 25 in journals; 9 on line; 7 in press)

2017: ‘Ivan Puni and the Flight of Forms: From St Petersburg to Moscow’, Experiment/Eksperiment, vol. 23, no. 1 (2017), pp. 104-116.

2017: ‘Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński in Russia’, in Katarzyna Kobro and Władysław Strzemiński Avant-garde Prototypes (Madrid: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Reina Sofia), pp.  104-117.

2014: ‘Revolutionary Photography’ in Mitra Abbaspour, Lee Ann Daffner, and Maria Morris Hambourg, eds. Object:Photo. Modern Photographs: The Thomas Walther Collection 1909–1949. An Online Project of The Museum of Modern Art. New York: The Museum of Modern Art, 12pp.

2014: ‘Gustavs Klucis and Constructivism’, in Gustavs Klucis Complete Catalogue of Works in the Latvian National Museum of Art /Gustavs Klucis Latvijas Nacionala Makslas Muzeja Kolekcijas Zinatniksais Katalogs (Riga, Latvia: Latvian National Museum of Art), vol. 1, pp. 9-25.

2014: ‘Kazimir Malevich and the First World War’ in John E. Bowlt, Nicoletta Misler and Elena Sudakova, A Game in Hell: The Great War in Russia (London: GRAD Publishing), p. 99-109.

2013:  ‘St Petersburg/Petrograd/Leningrad: From Aesthetes to Revolutionaries’, in Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker and Christian Weikop, The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines, vol. III, Europe, 1880-1940, Part II (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp. 1248-1275 (with Peter Hellyer)

2013: ‘From Futurist Iconoclasm to Socialist Construction’, in Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker and Christian Weikop, eds., The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines, Vol. III, Europe, 1880-1940, Part II (Oxford: Oxford University Press), pp.1299-1318. 

2010: ‘Liubov Popova: From Painting to Textile Design’, Tate Papers, Autumn 2010

2006: ‘Searching for Utopia’, in Christopher Wilk, ed., Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939, exhibition catalogue (London: Victoria and Albert Museum), pp. 23-69. I was one of the curatorial team and wrote 50 catalogue entries. 

2002: ‘Art into Life: International Constructivism in Central and Eastern Europe’, Central European Avant Gardes (Los Angeles and Cambridge MA.: Los Angeles County Museum of Art and MIT Press), pp. 172-198. 

1992: ‘The Vkhutemas and the Bauhaus’ in eds., G. Harrison Roman and V. Hagelstein Marquardt,  The Avant-Garde Frontier:  Russia Meets the West 1910-1930 (Gainesville, FL: University Press of Florida), pp. 196-240.

1985:  ‘Catalogue Raisonné of the Constructions and Sculptures of Naum Gabo’, in eds., S. Nash & J. Merkert, Naum Gabo:  Sixty Years of Constructivism (Munich: Prestel Verlag),  pp. 193-272.

1979: Constructivist theatre as a laboratory for an architectural aesthetic’, Architectural Association Quarterly, vol. II, no. 2, 1979, pp. 24-35.

Professional Contribution to the Academic Community 

82 conference papers; 89 book reviews; 94 public lectures; plus various activities, including

2015:  Chair of Organising Committee for conference ‘100 Years of Suprematism’ at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, 11th  & 12th  December 2015.

2013: Elected President  of Malevich Society, New York, ongoing; Board member since 2001

2009: Appointed Co-Editor in Chief of Russian History & Culture Series, at Brill (now Verlag Ferdinand  Schoeningh, Paderborn, Germany).

1976:  Organised campaign to secure the purchase of Russian Futurist books by the British Library.

Academically Related Experience in the Community

1985 - 1991:  Member of the Exhibitions Committee for the Scottish Arts Council.

1996 - 2003 Trustee of the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh

Awards  1973-1974, & 1977 British Council Research Scholarships to Moscow University; 2013 Museum of Modern Art Walther Collection Fellowship; 2016 Getty Institute Library Fellowship

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Dr Christina Lodder
Honorary fellow
History of Art