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Modules for Stage 2 English/History of Art Students in 2021/22


Autumn 2021Spring 2022Summer 2022

History of Art - Intermediate Seminar Module  (20 credits)

Assessment: 2hr closed exam; Week 1 Spring Term


English – Intermediate Option Module (20 credits)

History of Art - Dissertation Training Module (compulsory; 20 credits)  

Assessment: Portfolio; Week 7 Summer Term





Choose ONE coloured pathway:


English – Intermediate Option module
(20 credits)



AND English - 2 x Topic Modules (20 credits)

AND History of Art - Intermediate Seminar Module (20 credits) 

Assessment: 3,000 word assessed essay; Week 1 Summer Term

English – One module from the World Literature modules
(30 credits)

AND History of Art - Intermediate Seminar Module (20 credits) 

Assessment: 3,000 word assessed essay; Week 1 Summer Term


AND English - 1 x Topic Modules (10 credits)

English – Critical Practice (year-long; 20 credits)


AND English – Intermediate Option Module
(20 credits)

AND History of Art - Museology and Curatorship (20 credits; period band C)

Assessment: Written task and Group Project; Week 6 Summer Term

As well as their compulsory modules and their option modules in the English Department, combined English / History of Art students must choose:

  • one History of Art seminar module in the Autumn Term of Stage 2
  • one of the coloured pathways shown in the table.



History of Art modules cover three chronological period bands: A (medieval), B (early modern) and C (modern). Combined History of Art of students are required to choose modules from at least two of the three period bands over the course of Stages 2 and 3. Museology & Curatorship taken as an option module will count as period band C.

Please contact the English Department for further details on English modules.

See also:
Department of English for details of their modules.