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MA modules: pathway degrees 

We offer specialized taught MA degrees in the following areas. These are designated, for example, as ‘MA in History of Art (Architectural History and Theory)’:

  • Architectural History and Theory [A]
  • British Art [B]
  • Medieval Art and Medievalisms [M]
  • Modern and Contemporary [MC]

To gain a pathway degree, you must take two out of your four taught modules in the relevant specialism and write your dissertation on a related topic.

The following is a provisional list of the modules the department is expecting to offer in 2023-24, showing how they relate to these specialisms. Please note that this list may still be subject to change.



  Module Title A B M MC
  Semester One 2023






Art & Imagery in York Minster



Art and the Political Psyche in Britain, 1979-1997





Ceramic Arts of the Islamic World: A Framework for Study




Court, Country, Company: The Forms of Indian Painting





Home, Habitat & Community in Modern Italian Art




Peter Paul Rubens: Painting for Peace in an Age of War



Scrolls and Serpents



Sir Christopher Wren



The Afterlives of Medieval Art



  Semester Two 2024






Art, Magic and the Miraculous in Renaissance Italy




Art, Mass Media and Communication 1945-1991 





Between Art and Mind: Diagrams in Medieval Europe






Fashion: Theories, Objects, Images (1540-1940)






Medieval Islamic Architecture on the Frontiers: Synthesis, Innovation & Change





Monument, Object, Fetish, Artefact: Contesting 'Modern' Sculpture





Painting on Light: Stained Glass in the Medieval Tradition



Seeing Sculpture




New! Who Owns Antiquities? The Politics of Museology and Archaeology




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