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One Object, Many Voices: Fashion History Up Close: Looking at Georgian Fashion from the Inside Out

An old metal and paste diamond buckle

Wednesday 12 July 2023, 6.00PM to 8:00 pm

Speaker(s): Dr Cordula van Wyhe; Vanessa Jones, assistant curator, Leeds Museum and Galleries; and Dr Sarah Burnage, curator Fairfax House

For the Georgians, being fashionable also meant being dressed using the latest technological gizmos that helped them to keep time and tasks under control, such as watches and notebooks. When was the last time you felt properly dressed/equipped without your phone?

Visit Fairfax House, one of England’s finest Georgian townhouses in the centre of York, for a hands-on exploration of these and many other ideas. You will have an opportunity to see Fairfax House’s collection of fine Georgian clothing and accessories up close.

Curators and historians from Leeds and York will introduce you to an eighteenth-century world of fashion that seems remote, yet also familiar. At the end the workshop, Sarah Burnage, curator of Fairfax House, invites all participants to a tour of the house.

This event is presented by York Art History Collaborations and the Digital Museum of Dress Accessories (DMDA), the Department of History of Art, University of York, in association with Fairfax House and the Yorkshire Country House Partnership (YCHP).

Book tickets via Eventbrite.

This is the third of three One Object, Many Voices events held in June/July 2023: please check the Department's Event page for details of the other two or follow the links below:

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Location: Fairfax House, Castlegate, York, YO1 9RN

Admission: Free admission, booking required via Eventbrite (see above)