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Rethinking British and European Romanticisms in Transnational Dimensions

Tuesday 19 September 2023, 9.00AM

In recent years, national tendencies have challenged the European idea, exemplified by the wake of Brexit and its aftermath. In this context, the question arises to what extent European and national identity concepts can be reconciled. Today's debate between Britain and Europe still roots in the divergent notions of national identity that manifested in several European countries in the 1800s.

Therefore, the workshop addresses the relationship between visual images and constructions of nationality and questions how European Romanticism can be understood. In contrast to literary studies, investigating transnational transfer processes of Romantic movements has been a desideratum in art historical research. Considering transcultural methods, the participants will reflect national patterns of thought and Romantic identities not as fixed but as processual and hybrid phenomena within the framework of the binational exchange. Based on individual case studies, the event aims to reevaluate the complex interplay of alterity and reciprocity of the relations between cultural spaces. 

We encourage PhD and MA students interested in the presentations to attend the workshop and join the discussion. Please register at until the 15 September 2023.

This event will run from 19 - 21 September 2023.

Poster for International Workshop (PDF , 843kb).

Flyer for international workshop (PDF , 1,804kb).


Location: King's Manor | Huntingdon Room, Lecture Theatre (K/133) & K/111 York | YO1 7EP