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Valuing Sculpture: Contemporary Perspectives on Art, Craft and Industry, 1660-1860

Tuesday 27 July 2021, 1.00PM to 28 July 6pm

Speaker(s): Keynote speakers Dr Greg Sullivan and Dr Rebecca Wade

The indeterminate position of sculpture within the arts is a malleable concept which continues to challenge researchers. Categorisations such as art, craft, or industry contrive barriers, separating works from one another and disavowing the cross-fertilisations between sculptors, makers and artisans involved in the formal practices and aesthetics of art production.

This conference, part of the Henry Moore Institute’s 2021 Fabrication Research Season, will refocus attention on how links have been consistently made between media and making processes to categorise and subsequently value sculpture. The conference is organised by Sammi Lukic Scott and Charlotte Davis (University of York), Caitlin Scott (University of Sheffield), and Hannah Kaspar (University of Leeds) in collaboration with the Henry Moore Institute.

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