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Reports of project outputs


The protocol paper (describing our trial) was published in April 2018:

Dogar O, Barua D, Boeckmann M, Elsey H, Fatima R, Gabe R, Huque R, Keding A, Khan A, Kotz D, Kralikova E, Newell JN, Nohavova I, Parrott S, Readshaw A, Renwick L, Sheikh A, Siddiqi K; TB and Tobacco project consortium. (2018) The safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of cytisine in achieving six-month continuous smoking abstinence in tuberculosis patients - protocol for a double blind, placebo-controlled randomised trial. Addiction doi: 10.1111/add.14242

The following paper about the process and context evaluation aspects of the trial was published in March 2018:

Boeckmann M, Nohavova I, Dogar O, Kralikova E, Pankova A, Zvolska K, Huque R, Fatima R, Noor M, Elsey H, Sheikh A, Siddiqi K, Kotz D; TB & Tobacco Project Consortium. (2018) Protocol for the mixed-methods process and context evaluation of the TB & Tobacco randomised controlled trial in Bangladesh and Pakistan: a hybrid effectiveness-implementation study. BMJ Open doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2017-019878

A paper on fidelity to behavioural support (Work Package 2) was published in 2019:

Dogar, O., Boehnke, J.R., Lorencatto, F., Sheldon, T.A. & Siddiqi, K. (2019) Measuring fidelity to behavioural support delivery for smoking cessation and its association with outcomes. Addiction doi: 10.1111/add.14804

A European Lung Corner article summarised five key messages for future research and practice in preventing and treating lung diseases based on outcomes and perspectives from five Horizon 2020 projects:

Vardavas, C.I.,  Kyriakos, C.N., Fernández, E., Bamidis, P., Siddiqi, K., Chavannes, N.H., van der Kleij, R.M.J.J., Parker, G., Radu-Loghin, C., Ward, B., Berkouk, K. (2019) European Respiratory Journal 54: 1901417; doi: 10.1183/13993003.01417-2019

A Policy Brief (for Pakistan) was produced in 2019, by Helen Elsey and Talib Khan, entitled 'Integrating tobacco cessation within the TB programme: findings from the ‘TB & Tobacco’ study.'

An article was written for the EU's dissemination portal (CORDIS) about the TB and Tobacco project: