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A peer-led problem solving approach for people in the criminal justice system (the 6-step project)

Common mental health problems and self-harm are a major public health problem that is exacerbated in people under the care of the criminal justice system. 

Problem solving is a brief intervention that can help support people suffering from common mental health disorders such as depression and repetition of self-harm behaviour.

The University of York and the University of Leeds are working together with two local prisons to develop and implement a peer-led problem solving scheme with the following aims:

  • To improve health, well-being associated behaviours with people who harm themselves in the criminal justice system 

This programme is funded by the HMP Prison Service and The Centre for Future Health Rapid Response, University of York.  The views expressed on this website are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the Prison Service.

Listen to a short podcast from prisoners who give an example of the 6 steps.

Group of prisoners