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International Adaptation of Problem Solving Skills in Poland (IAPSS project)

The project enables the development and transferability of a UK peer-led problem-solving scheme into the Polish penitentiary system. The project will support the development of a model to enable the transferability of a problem-solving training scheme for prison staff in Warsaw and test the feasibility of using the skills using a randomized controlled trial. The partnership will co-deliver this using three key objectives:

  • training a trainer to deliver the staff training package in Poland
  • a series of consultations with stakeholders and service users to ensure that the training materials are context specific and relevant and
  • to train a small group of polish prison staff to deliver the problem-solving skills

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This programme is funded by the Centre for Future Health, Rapid Response Fund, University of York.  The views expressed on this website are those of the authors, and not necessarily those of the funding body.

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Group work