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What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is the e-portfolio used by Health Sciences students at the University of York. It is a well-established, online portfolio software package used by many UK universities. It is particularly suited for healthcare related programmes.              

The PebblePad portfolio provides the student with a space to record experiences, activities, achievements and reflections during practice experiences and contains all the mandatory documents that are required to be completed during each practice experience.           

Within the portfolio there is a space for academics, practice learning link lecturers,personal supervisors and practice assessors to record their assessment of the student’s progress and feedback on performance in practice.

PAD Guides

Within pebblepad there are designated spaces for the various roles that contribute to student progression:-

Academic assessor: Academic assessors should meet with students prior to placements starting and record their meeting in pebblepad.  They are involved in the creation of action plans to support performance issues in practice and must complete the relevant pages on the ‘Summary of academic and practice achievement’ page in a students Ongoing Achievement Record (OAR).  For nursing associates, academic assessors are also involved in completing the tripartite meeting page. 

Practice assessor: Practice assessors have several tasks to complete when it comes to PAD documentation.  They will likely complete all the interviews, including the midpoint professional values (though practice supervisors can complete initial interviews if required), they must complete the summative episode of care and sign off the students' proficiencies.  Practice assessors will also be involved in any performance management issues requiring an action plan and sign off the students Ongoing Achievement Record (OAR) at the end of the stage. Practice Assessors are also responsible for completing medicines management and summative episodes of care.

Practice supervisor: Practice supervisors are expected to leave feedback for students on their progression towards achieving competencies, this can be written in the ‘Record of working with and learning from others’’ page. Feedback should be specific and with examples given, demonstrating which competencies have been achieved by the learner.  Additionally, supervisors can record any additional meetings that occur in the ‘record of additional communication/feedback’ page.  Finally if required, supervisors can complete the initial interview for students.

PebblePad Training for Health Sciences Students

PebblePad Technical Support Team

Our E-portfolio Learning and Support team is here to help you with PebblePad. 

If you can’t find what you need on this website then you can:

  • phone us on 01904 321540
  • visit our office located within the Student and Academic Support Service on the ground floor of Seebohm Rowntree building - the office is usually staffed 8.30am – 4.30pm

The team is:

  • Lucia White - Practice Education Support Team Manager
  • Ally Chadwick- Practice Education Support Team Officer/PebblePad Administrator 

For pebblepad queries please contact