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Boriana Alexandrova

Nicoletta Asciuto

  • (eds. Nicoletta Asciuto, Nina Engelhardt, Susanne Schregel), 'Above. Degrees of Elevation', Special Issue of Space and Culture, Vol. 23, Issue 4 (2020)

Derek Attridge (Emeritus)

David Attwell

Sarah Bezan

  • (eds. Sarah Bezan and Robert McKay) Animal Remains (forthcoming, 2022) 
  • (eds. Sarah Bezan and Ina Linge) "Sex and Nature in the Anthropocene", Special Issue of Environmental Humanities Journal (forthcoming, 2022)
  • (eds. Sarah Bezan, Rich Gorman, and James Smith) "Interdisciplinary Coastal Humanities", Special Issue of Anthropocenes: Human, Inhuman, Posthuman (forthcoming, 2022) 

John Bowen

Francesca Brooks

Matthew Campbell  

 Michele Campopiano

Vahni Capildeo

Claire Chambers

Sophie Coulombeau

Victoria Coulson

Brian Cummings

Mary Fairclough

Alice Hall

Kevin Killeen

Alexandra Kingston-Reese

Nicola McDonald

Jon Mee

Juliana Mensah

Emilie Morin

Alison O'Byrne

Hannah Roche

Gillian Russell

Erica Sheen

  • Guest editor with Nicole Fayard, Special Edition of Comparative Drama, Vol. 50, No. 2 & 3, Summer and Fall 2016

Freya Sierhuis

Helen Smith

Elizabeth Tyler

Richard Walsh

Jim Watt

JT Welsch

Claire Westall

Chloe Wigston Smith

James Williams

Lauren Working

George Younge

Lydia Zeldenrust