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Netflix: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Friday 23 April 2021, 12.00PM to 6.00pm

Netflix has become the name for the way we watch films now. If 'Hollywood' was the word we used for the 'classic' movie experience, all star worship and glam nights out at the picture palace, Netflix is the brand that has established on-demand internet streaming as the dominant mode of contemporary spectatorship. 'Netflix and chill' – the slang for sex initiated in a tweet in 2009, since recycled into ice cream, condoms and Ariana Grande – has seen off 'visual pleasure' as the term for the most fun you can have in front of a digital screen.    
Netflix has more nominations in the upcoming Oscars on April 26 than any other distributor. What's the secret of their success? If they have changed the way films are made, distributed and screened, have they also changed film scholarship and research? Join us on Friday April 23 for a roundup of some of the exciting research into Netflix being done by research students from English and Related Literature and TFTI and a keynote from Prof. Andrew Higson, Greg Dyke Chair of Film and Television, TFTI and Director of the Screen Industries Growth Network. . 

Panel 1 (12.00-13.30)

Miya Treadwell, 'Strategic Diversity: Netflix’s Strong Black Lead and Ava DuVernay'

Freya Lowden, 'Walls of the Body and Walls of the Mind: The Netflix Adaptation of Prayaag Akbar’s Leila'

Sarah Lahm, “Nobody Locks Us Up”: Feminist Entrapment and Liberation on the Current Netflix Landscape'


Panel 2 (14.30-16.00)

Rafe Clayton (Co-Investigator, British Families in Lockdown Study, Leeds Trinity), 'UK Family Experiences of Watching Netflix During Coronavirus Lockdowns'

Vilde Bakkevig, '"I am your friend": Netflix’s Anthropomorphic Social Media Strategy'

Rene Idrovo Zambrano, 'The Immersive Continuity of Roma: Netflix and the Cinematic 3-D Soundtrack

Keynote (16.30)

Prof Andrew Higson,  Greg Dyke Chair of Film and Television, TFTI; Director, Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN):

'Netflix the Disruptor: Cultural Enemy or Cultural Enabler?'


Zoom link to join is here, and the full programme with details of the talks is here.


This research workshop is a collaboration between Modern School, Department of English and Related Literature, and the Centre for Modern Studies. We look forward to seeing you!

Location: Online via Zoom