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Ways of Making Sense of the Unnatural

Wednesday 19 September 2018, 11.00AM

Speaker(s): Jan Alber (RWTH Aachen)

The ICNS Seminar series presents occasional talks on topics in narrative theory. On this occasion Jan Alber will give a talk entitled "Ways of Making Sense of the Unnatural," to be followed by questions and general discussion.

Prof. Dr Alber is a professor of English literature and cognitive studies at RWTH Aachen, Germany. He is a specialist in "unnatural narratology," and author of Unnatural Narrative: Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama (University of Nebraska Press, 2016). He is a past president of the International Society for the Study of Narrative. 

Location: BS/007, Berrick Saul Building, University of York Heslington West Campus

Admission: All welcome