From Historical Fact to Sociolinguistic Landmark? Creating Identity through Language Use and Perception in Medieval Chronicles narrating 1302

Wednesday 19 March 2014, 9.30AM

Speaker(s): Dr Catharina Peersman (King's College, London)

This is the last seminar in the Centre for Medieval Literature (CML) seminar series, an on-going forum for interdisciplinary research based jointly at the Universities of York and Southern Denmark (Odense).

Previous seminars in the series have been:-

Wednesday 5 February, 9.00am

Dale Kedwards (York): '40 Icelandic priests and a map of the world'.

Wednesday 5 March, 3:15pm

Dr Sarah Bowden (Sheffield): ‘“ze lere den tumben?”: An Investigation into German as a Self-consciously Educative and/or Literary Language in the 12th Century’.








Location: KG/86B, King's College, Exhibition Square, York