Fictionality Forum: Ziad Elmarsafy and Jurate Levina

Wednesday 30 April 2014, 5.00PM to 6.30pm

The Fictionality Forum is an occasional opportunity for those of us with research interests relating to fictionality to get better acquainted with each other's work. It is a Fictionality Group initiative, and reflects the group's shared interests in fictionality and cultural specificity; the group cuts across the four research schools, and participation is open to all research students and staff.
Forum meetings typically involve two of us briefly introducing a piece of our own recent work, which will have been circulated in advance, followed by open discussion. The introductions serve mainly to explain how we think the work relates to the group's common interests (though we also prime the group for what to look for when we first distribute the material). The meetings last about an hour, and are held towards the end of the day, with wine, in order to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere.

On this occasion the readings are the introduction to Ziad's Sufism in the Contemporary Arabic Novel, and Jurate's conference paper, 'Phenomenology of Fiction as Aesthetic Truth in James Joyce’s Epiphanies'.  The authors have each provided a brief headnote, included with the readings. Jurate has also provided an additional, optional text as explained in her headnote; the set reading, though, is just the 'Epiphanies' document.

The readings will be distributed to everyone expressing an interest via email to Richard Walsh.

As an additional attraction for this occasion, Ziad is offering a half-hour introductory Arabic lesson to all those interested, immediately after the forum.

Location: Seminar Room BS/007, Berrick Saul Building, Humanities Research Centre, Heslington West Campus