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Early Modern Sermons: Performances and Afterlives

Friday 2 November 2018, 9.30AM

Across the spectrum of religious thought, from the court orations of Lancelot Andrewes to the preaching of non-conformist ministers, sermons were a crucial part of devotional practice for early modern church goers. Preached at crucial junctures in the lives of individuals, communities and the nation, sermons played an important role in early modern political, social and religious discourses.

Building on an increasing critical understanding of the methods and occasions for preaching, this workshop aims specifically to conceptualise the ‘career’ of a sermon from its composition to its performance to its published or circulated ‘afterlife’. In this way, we hope to draw out connections between preaching, other early modern textual practices and aesthetics and literary consumption.

The day will consist of round table discussions, plenary papers and masterclasses on performance. We welcome participants at any stage of their career, either currently working on sermons or who wish to incorporate them into their research, whether that be from a literary, historical, theological or philosophical background.

Speakers include Professor Peter McCullough (Oxford) and Dr Emma Rhatigan (Sheffield).

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Location: Humanities Research Institute, Sheffield University