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James Joyce: 'Ulysses', Order and Chaos. A Bloomsday lecture

Monday 16 June 2014, 5.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Dan Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to Great Britain

James Joyce’s Ulysses - which follows the modern-day Odysseus, Leopold Bloom, round Dublin for a day - is set on 16 June 1904.  This date is celebrated across the world as ‘Bloomsday’.  On its 110th anniversary, Dr Dan Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to Britain, will lecture on Joyce and Ulysses, Joyce’s great book about ordering the chaos of a modern day as myth and history.

The lecture will be followed by a reception.

This is a Writers at York event run in association with York Festival of Ideas.

We acknowledge the generous support of the Irish Embassy to Great Britain.

Location: Bowland Auditorium, Berrick Saul Building, Heslington West Campus