Accessibility statement

Presentation guidelines


Each talk is assigned 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


Poster boards are in the portrait orientation and can accommodate the A0 size posters.


The colloquia slots are 2 hours long. Colloquium convenors should allocate time for opening and closing remarks, individual papers, discussants (if included) and general discussion.

Doctoral Workshops

The doctoral student workshop is intended to serve as a platform for discussion of ongoing PhD research. Each talk is allocated 10-15-minute for presentation and 10-15 minutes for feedback / discussion led by the discussant. The presentation should include one or two questions on which the student would like to receive audience feedback (e.g. data collection, analysis, theoretical or methodological issues), and sufficient background information for framing the questions. These sessions are intended as opportunities to discuss future directions. Students whose abstracts are accepted will be asked to send their paper to a discussant (a senior researcher).