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Professor Keith Hartley

Emeritus Professor of Economics

BSc(Econ), PhD(Hull)

  • Founding Editor, Defence and Peace Economics, 1990-2007
  • Special Advisor to the Editor, Defence and Peace Economics, 2008-
  • Chair, Finance Group, Aerospace Innovation and Growth Team, reporting to Secretary of State, DTI
  • Written and Oral evidence presented to House of Commons Defence Committee for its Enquiries into the UK Defence Industrial Strategy and Defence Commitments and Resources
  • Special Adviser to House of Commons Defence Committee, 1985 – 2001
  • Consultant to UN, EC, EDA, UK Ministry of Defence, DTI, HM Treasury, Korean Defence Agency and Korean Development Institute

Research interests

Defence economics including procurement, economics of alliances, industrial policy, EU defence policy, collaboration, the costs of conflict (eg Iraq) and military outsourcing.

Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

Hartley, K and Tisdell, C (2008). Microeconomic Policy: A New Perspective, Elgar.

Hartley, K and Sandler, T (eds), 2007, Handbook of Defense Economics, vol 2, North Holland

Hartley, K (2006). 'Defence R&D: Data issues', Defence and Peace Economics, 17, 3, June, pp169 – 175.

Hartley, K (with Middleton, A, Bowns, S and Reid, J) 2006. 'The effects of defence R&D on military equipment quality', Defence and Peace Economics, 17, 2, April, pp117 – 139.

Hartley, K (2006). 'Defence industrial policy in a military alliance', Journal of Peace Research, 43, 4, July, pp 473 – 489.

Hartley, K and Sandler, T (2001). 'Economics of alliances: the lessons for collective action', Journal of Economic Literature, XXXIX, 3, September, pp 869 – 896.

Keith Hartley

Telephone: 01904 32 3784
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