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Professor Zaifu Yang



  • BE(Xidian)
  • MS(Xidian)
  • PhD(Tilburg)

Director, Centre for Mechanism and Institution Design.
Editor, Journal of Mechanism and Institution Design.

Departmental roles

  • Member, Departmental Research Committee
  • Performance Reviewer
  • PG Module Review Committee
  • Programme Advisor, Joint degrees (Mathematics & Economics)



Economic Theory, Game Theory, Auction/Mechanism Design, Consumer Theory, Financial Economics, Economic Growth, Tax Reform.


Selected publications

 (A full list of publications can be found here: Publications-of-Zaifu-Yang 2018 (PDF , 115kb)‌)

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

“An efficient and incentive compatible dynamic auction for multiple complements,” Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 122, No. 2, (2014), 422-488, joint with Ning Sun.

“A competitive partnership formation process,” Games and Economic Behavior, Vol. 86, (2014), 165-177, joint with Tommy Andersson, Jens Gudmundsson, and Dolf Talman.

"On Revealed Preference and Indivisibilities," Modern Economy, (with Satoru Fujishige), Vol. 3 No. 6, 2012, pp. 752-758.

"Constrainedly fair job assignments under minimum wages," Games and Economic Behaviors, (with T.Andersson and L.G.Svensson), 68, (2010), pp.428-442.

"The average tree solution for cooperative games with communication structure,"  Games and Economic Behaviors, (with P.J.J.Herings, G.van der Laan  and D.Talman), 68, (2010), pp.626-633.

"Discrete fixed point analysis and its applications,"  Journal of Fixed Point Theory and Applications, 6, (2009),  pp.351-371.

"A double-track adjustment process for discrete markets  with substitutes and complements,"  Econometrica,  (with N.Sun), 77, (2009), pp.933-952.

"A dynamic auction for differentiated items under price rigidities,"Economics Letters, (with D.Talman), 99, (2008), pp.278-281.

"Competitive outcomes and endogenous coalition formation in an n-person game," Journal of Mathematical Economics, (with N.Sun and W.Trockel), 44, (2008), pp.853-860.

"On the solutions of discrete nonlinear complementarity and related problems," Mathematics of Operations Research, 33, (2008), pp.976-990.

"Equilibria and indivisibilities: gross substitutes  and complements," Econometrica, (with N.Sun), 74, (2006), pp.1385-1402.

My Edited Books

Herbert Scarf's Contributions to Economics, Game Theory and Operations Research,

  • Vol.1 Economics and Game Theory (ISBN 9781137024343)
  • Vol.2 Operations Research and Management (ISBN 9781137024374)
  • Vol.3 Production in Indivisibilities: A Contribution to the Theories of Large Firms (ISBN 9781137024404)
  • Vol.4 Applied Equilibrium Analysis (ISBN 9781137024435), Palgrave Macmillan, London, 2013

Papers under Review

"An Efficient Multi-Item Dynamic Auction with Budget Constrained Bidders (PDF , 93kb)" (with Dolf Talman), forthcoming in International Journal

"Decentralized Market Processes to Stable Job Matchings with Competitive Salaries (PDF  , 207kb)" (with Bo Chen and Satoru Fujishige), Revision and Resubmission

"Efficient and Strategy-Proof Double-Track Auction for Substitutes and Complement (PDF , 173kb)" (with Ning Sun), Revision and Resubmission

Work in Progress 

  • On the Existence of Stable Social Economic Networks (2009), with Ning Sun.
  • The English Housing Market Mechanism (2011), with Yuan Ju.
  • A New Theory of Marriage (2013), with Ning Sun.



Second Year

  • Mathematics II


  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Design and Analysis of Mechanisms and Institutions

Professor Zaifu Yang 

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