Accessibility statement

Yuan Ju
Deputy Head of Department, Research



  • BA, MA(Shandong)
  • NAKE Diploma(The Netherlands Network of Quantitative Economics)
  • PhD(Tilburg)

Departmental roles

  • Department Management Team
  • Research Cluster Leader, Economic Theory
  • Performance Reviewer
  • REF Lead for Economics



  • Game theory
  • microeconomics
  • social choice (implementation, bargaining, coalition formation, externality, distributive justice)


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

  • Costa-Gomes, M.A., Y. Ju and J. Li (2019), Role-Reversal Consistency: An Experimental Study of the Golden Rule, Economic Inquiry 57: 685-704.
  • Borm, P., Y. Ju and D. Wettstein (2015), Rational Bargaining in Games with Coalitional Externalities, Journal of Economic Theory 157: 236-254.
  • Ju, Y., Y. Chun and R. van den Brink (2014), Auctioning and Selling Positions: A Non-Cooperative Approach to Queueing Conflicts, Journal of Economic Theory 153: 33-45.
  • Ju, Y. (2013), Efficiency and Compromise: A Bid-Offer-Counteroffer Mechanism with Two Players, International Journal of Game Theory 42: 501-520.
  • Brink, R. van den, Y. Funaki and Y. Ju (2013), Reconciling Marginalism with Egalitarianism: Consistency, Monotonicity, and Implementation of Egalitarian Shapley Values, Social Choice and Welfare 40: 693-714.
  • Ju, Y. (2012), Reject and Renegotiate: the Shapley Value in Multilateral Bargaining, Journal of Mathematical Economics 48: 431-436.
  • Ju, Y. and D. Wettstein (2009), Implementing Cooperative Solution Concepts: A Generalized Bidding Approach, Economic Theory 39: 307-330.
  • Ju, Y. and P. Borm (2008), Externalities and Compensation: Primeval Games and Solutions, Journal of Mathematical Economics 44: 367-382.
  • Ju, Y. (2007), The Consensus Value for Games in Partition Function Form, International Game Theory Review 9: 437-452.
  • Ju, Y., P. Borm and P. Ruys (2007), The Consensus Value: A New Solution Concept for Cooperative Games, Social Choice and Welfare 28: 685-703.



  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Management Decision Analysis
  • Applied Microeconomics I
  • Microeconomics for Research (PhD module)

Yuan Ju

Yuan Ju
Deputy Head of Department, Research
Department of Economics
Room: A/EC/124

Tel: 01904 324678 

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