Accessibility statement

Dr. William Jackson



  • BA(Econ)(Manchester)
  • MSc(London)
  • PhD(Warwick)

Departmental roles

  • Programme Director, MSc in Economic and Social Policy Analysis
  • Programme Director, MSc in Public Economics
  • Combined Board Executive Committee, History/Economics & Economics/Sociology
  • Environment Board of Studies, Economics representative
  • Mitigating Circumstances Committee (UG Economics single subject programmes)
  • Mitigating Circumstances Committee (UG Economics/Sociology)
  • Module Review Committee (ex officio, PG Director ESPA & Public Economics)



Main research interests are in the economics of population ageing, economic methodology, and institutional and non-neoclassical economic theory. Topics of recent and current research include:

  • The economic consequences of population ageing in developed countries
  • Connections between economic theory and social theory
  • Causal and functional explanation in economics
  • The role of culture, social structure and institutions in economic theorising


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

  • 'Markets and the meaning of flexibility', Economic Issues, 2015, 20(2), 45-65.
  • 'Distributive justice with and without culture', Journal of Cultural Economy, 2015, 8(6), 673-688.
  • 'External capabilities and the limits to social policy', in H.-U. Otto and H. Ziegler (eds), Critical Social Policy and the Capability Approach, Opladen: Barbara Budrich, 2014, pp. 125-142.
  • 'The desocialising of economic theory', International Journal of Social Economics, 2013, 40(9), 809-825.
  • 'Factor shares, business cycles and the distributive loop', Metroeconomica, 2012, 63(3), 493-511.



Second Year

  • Economics of Population

Third Year

  • Economics of Social Policy
  • Alternative Perspectives in Economics


  • Social Policy Analysis

William A Jackson

William Jackson
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