Professor Neil Rankin



  • MA(Oxford)
  • DPhil(Oxford)

Departmental roles

  • Member of UG Exceptional Circumstances Committee
  • Performance Reviewer



Research interests

Macroeconomic and monetary theory, including open-economy issues. More specifically: dynamic general equilibrium models with imperfect competition and nominal rigidities, including staggered prices or wages; overlapping-generations models; macroeconomic policy questions.


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

"Maximum Sustainable Government Debt in the Perpetual Youth Model", Bulletin of Economic Research 66(3) (2014), 217-230

"The Effectiveness of Government Debt for Demand Management: Sensitivity to Monetary Policy Rules" (with Guido Ascari), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 37(8) (2013), 1544-1566

"A Further Contribution towards Explaining Why Disinflation through Currency Pegging May Cause a Boom" (with John Fender), Journal of International Money and Finance 30(3) (2011), 516-536.

"Output Persistence from Monetary Shocks with Staggered Prices or Wages under a Taylor Rule" (with Sebastiano Daros), Economics Letters 105(2) (2009), 148-151.

“Perpetual Youth and Endogenous Labour Supply: A Problem and a Possible Solution” (with Guido Ascari), Journal of Macroeconomics 29(4) (2007), 708-723.

“Optimal Monetary Policy When Lump-Sum Taxes Are Unavailable: A Reconsideration of the Outcomes Under Commitment and Discretion” (with Martin Ellison), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 31(1) (2007), 219-243.

“A Small Open Economy with Staggered Wage Setting and Intertemporal Optimisation: The Basic Analytics” (with John Fender), The Manchester School, 71(4) (2003), 396-416.

“Maximum Sustainable Government Debt in the Overlapping Generations Model” (with Barbara Roffia), The Manchester School, 71(3) (2003), 217-241.

“Staggered Wages and Output Dynamics Under Disinflation” (with Guido Ascari), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 26(4) (2002), 653-680.



Second Year

  • Macroeconomics 2

Third Year

  • Macroeconomics 3


  • Advanced Macroeconomics

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