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Mr. John Bone
Senior lecturer



  • BA(Oxford)
  • MSc(Southampton)

Departmental roles

  • Deputy Head of Department
  • Programme Director: Economics
  • Department Teaching Committee (ex officio Deputy Head of Department)
  • Examinations Committee (ex officio Programme Director Economics)
  • Module Review Committee (ex officio Programme Director Economics)



The theory of choice, both individual and collective. Broadly they are the study of individual decision-making under uncertainty, theories of bargaining, and the rationality of decisions made by, or on behalf of, groups of individuals. Recent work has included experimental projects on risk-sharing and on bargaining.


Selected publications

Full details of publications can be found at RePEc

and Hey J and Suckling J. "A Simple Risk-Sharing Experiment", Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, forthcoming 2004.

and Hey J and Suckling J. "Do people plan ahead?", Applied Economics Letters, 10, 2003, 277-80.

"Simple Arrow-type Propositions in the Edgeworth Domain", Social Choice and Welfare, 20, 2003, 41-8.

and Hey J and Suckling J. "Are Groups more (or less) Consistent than Individuals?", Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 1999, 63-81.

"Risk-Sharing CARA individuals are Collectively EU", Economics Letters, 58, 1998, 311-17.



First Year

  • Using Mathematics in Economics


  • The Democratic Economy
  • Rationality, Morality & Economics

John Bone

John Bone
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics
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Tel: 01904 323770

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