Undergraduate teaching at the Hull York Medical School

Hull York Medical School

Block one

  • Cells to disease
  • Gene expression and proteins
  • Infectious agents and defense
  • Intracellular signaling mechanisms

Block four

  • Cellular components of blood
  • The coagulation system
  • Anaemias
  • Immune and hematological tissues
  • Innate immunity and the inflammatory process
  • B and T cell mediated immunity
  • Coordinating the immune response to infection
  • The blood and body defences
  • Hypersensitivity and autoimmunity

Block eight

  • The exocrine and endocrine pancreas
  • Clinical diabetes

Block nine

  • Biology of skin
  • Bacterial structure and classification
  • Bacterial pathogenicity
  • Antibacterial drugs
  • The human microbiome
  • Viral properties
  • Defense and vaccination against infection
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Cellular Basis of Disease
  • Pathology of Inflammatory Responses

Block fifteen

  • Immunology of the gut

CII Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (SSIP)

Phase one

  • Component Topics 
    • Introductions to pathogens, the immune system and their interactions
    • Autoimmune disease
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Allergy
    • Laboratory skills in biomedical sciences
    • Treatment, control and prevention of infectious disease 
    • Tumour immunotherapy


Who to contact

  • HYMS team
    0870 1245500

Our staff

Our staff members who teach at HYMS include:

  • Paul Kaye
  • Marika Kullberg
  • Nathalie Signoret
  • Marjan van der Woude
  • Allison Green
  • Charles Lacey
  • Dimitris Lagos
  • Rachel Harry
  • Ian Hitchcock
  • Gavin Barlow