Mohamed Osman
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Centre for Immunology and Infection
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Mohamed Osman is a senior vaccinologist in the Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII). Mohamed obtained his MSc from London School of Hygiene and Medicine, and his PhD from Queen’s University of Belfast. Mohamed was a senior research fellow at the University College London, overseeing the immunology on Phase IIb CMV vaccine clinical trial in organ transplant patients. Mohamed has over 10 years experience in human vaccine testing, development and research. He has been at the York University since 2011.



Overseeing the vaccine induced immune responses in Phase 1 first-in-man clinical trial.  A vaccine that employs a simian adenovirus vector ( ChAd63-KH).

I have access to samples from our volunteers that I can study vaccine induced immune responses using methods such as ELISPOT, flow cytometry and transcriptomic profiling.

Immunology of visceral leishmaniasis using animal models and human volunteers.

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Dr Mohamed Osman
Research Associate
Centre for Immunology and Infection