CII at the University of York Science Trail 2011

Outreach and public engagement

The CII is proud of its strong record of public engagement. Please see adjacent for a list of our most recent outreach activities.

Our key objectives include:

Raising awareness of the work of CII

CII is eager to promote a better understanding from the earliest age of how the human immune system works and of the science of infectious diseases affecting people across the globe. Its pioneering work has been the subject of many newspaper and journal articles.

Making science accessible and fun for all

Staff and students at the Centre regularly give talks and demonstrations to a wide range of non-specialist audiences: including visits to primary and secondary schools, delivering materials to school teachers at the National Science Learning Centre, taking part in STEM events and science festivals, and interacting with the public.

Taking part in local and national science events

Members of the CII take part in externally-funded and University-wide science outreach events, including York Science Trail, York Festival of Science Discovery Days, British Society of Immunology outreach events and STEM events.

If you are interested in finding out more please feel free to contact us:

Latest events

Summer work experience week

Behind the scenes of science: Festival of Ideas 2018

CII researchers help organise Pint of Science 2018 at which Pegine Walrad spoke

CII PhD students help children to learn about infectious diseases by 'curing' a zombie outbreak

Dimitris LagosMarjan van der Woude and Jason Cosgrove took part in Pint of Science 2017

Allison Green gives seminar at JDRF Discovery Day, March 2017

York & District Diabetes UK Group visit the CII, September 2016

CII Artist in Residence at Festival of Ideas, June 2016

Ian Hitchcock, Science Trail 2016: Blood-cells to transfusions, March 2016

Rare Disease Day at York Hospital, February 2016

Allison Green speaks at the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes 43rd Annual Conference, November 2015

Allison Green presents at the HEYKids Diabetes UK meeting, November 2015

Paul Kaye gives talk to Poppleton PROBUS Club, October 2015

Allison Green gives research talk to the Diabetes UK volunteers network, October 2015

CII at YorNight 2015, September 2015

Allison Green gives research talk to the Legacy programme Diabetes UK, June 2015

CII at Pint of Science, May 2015

Allison Green gives research talk at York Diabetes UK Support Group, May 2015

Rare Disease Day at York Hospital, February 2015

Allison Green & Ian Hitchcock, Science Trail 2015, March 2015

CII at Discovery Days at the NRM, March 2015

Past events




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