Biofilm cells stained with BACLight LIVE/DEAD were targeted by the 2-photon laser at high enough power to kill the cells in the ROI (the heart shape) but not high enough to ablate the structure of the biofilm

This video was taken by Matthew Lakins, a PhD student in the Coles Research Group (Theme 2: Understanding chronic disease). It was used in the article: Lakins, M.A., Marrison, J.L., O’Toole, P.J and Van der Woude, M.W. (2009) Exploiting advances in imaging technology to study biofilms by applying multiphoton laser scanning microscopy as an imaging and manipulation tool.  Journal of Microscopy. 235:128-137 .

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Intra-vital imaging of naive spleen

3D reconstruction of an E coli bacterial biofilm

Biofilm cells stained with BACLight LIVE/DEAD targeted by 2-photon laser

Infection of murine pinnae by CFDA-SE cercariae: copyright Adrian Mountford

3D model of cercariae using amine reactor tracer