About the Centre

The Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII) is a joint research centre created by the Hull York Medical School and the Department of Biology at the University of York. Research within CII ranges from fundamental studies on the pathogenesis of infectious and non-infectious disease through to first-in-man clinical research.

From the founding director

Read a message from the CII founding director, Professor Paul Kaye.

Our aims

The aim of the Centre is to integrate the study of basic and clinical immunology, microbiology and parasitology to develop a greater understanding of the processes underlying infection and the development of disease, and thus to develop new approaches to prevention and treatment.

Since its foundation, CII has brought together world leading scientists and has become recognised as a leading facility in the fields of immunology, pathogen biology and experimental medicine, publishing its research in the highest impact international journals and helping bring new medicines to the clinic.

World-class facilities

The Centre's new building, opened in September 2010, provides significantly enhanced facilities including an additional three floors of laboratories, increased facilities for handling high risk pathogens and a specialist clinical suite for volunteer studies and clinical trials.

The new clinical facilities will provide the CII with greater opportunities for translational research, and its new Wolfson Laboratories will enable the development of further cutting edge in vitro models for the assessment of immune modulators, microbicides and pathogen specific drugs.