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Dr Jiajun (Alice) Fan

01904 324456

Research Interests

Dr Jiajun (Alice) Fan is a Research Fellow, Microwave Technology Platform Leader and Green Chemistry-China Liaison Officer. She manages a team of researchers investigating the fundamental chemical/physical interactions of microwaves and biomass, with the ultimate aim of discovering new pathways to produce sustainable chemical compounds for many applications. To date she has produced high impact research that has featured in journals including EES, JACS, and Green Chemistry, and has led to changes in the fundamental understanding of biomass-microwave interactions. Her research has been the basis more than £1.5m of research funding and several major projects in this area.

In addition to her research activities Alice has been pivotal in the promotion of research collaborations and academic exchanges between the Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence and the very best Chinese institutions including Fudan and Sichuan universities as well as the Chinese Academies of Science and Agricultural Science.

Publication highlights

Luo, Y., Fan, J., Budarin, V. L., Hu, C. and Clark, J. (2017) Microwave-Assisted Hydrothermal Selective Dissolution and Utilisation of Hemicellulose in Phyllostachys heterocycla cv. Pubescens. Green Chemistry, 1463-9262.

Lokesh, K., West, C., Kuylenstierna, J., Fan, J., Budarin, V., Priecel, P., Lopez-Sanchez, J. A. and Clark, J. (2017) Environmental impact assessment of wheat straw based alkyl polyglucosides produced using novel chemical approaches. Green Chemistry, 1463-9262.

Zhou, L., Budarin, V., Fan, J., Sloan, R., and Macquarrie, D. (2017) Efficient Method of Lignin Isolation Using Microwave-Assisted Acidolysis and Characterization of the Residual Lignin, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering,  5 (5), 3768-3774

Zhou, L., Santomauro, F., Fan, J., Macquarrie, D., Clark, J., Chuck, C., and Budarin, V. (2017) Fast microwave-assisted acidolysis: a new biorefinery approach for the zero-waste utilisation of lignocellulosic biomass to produce high quality lignin and fermentable saccharides. Faraday Discussions, 1359-6640.

De Bruyn, M., Fan, J., Budarin, V., MacQuarrie, D., Gomez, L., Simister, R., Farmer, T., Raverty, W., McQueen M., Simon J. and Clark, J. (2016) A new perspective in bio-refining: levoglucosenone and cleaner lignin from waste biorefinery hydrolysis lignin by selective conversion of residual saccharides. Energy & Environmental Science. pp. 1-5. ISSN 1754-5706

Rosso, D., Fan, J., Montoneri, E., Maniero, D., (2015) Conventional and microwave assisted hydrolysis of urban biowastes to added value lignin-like products, Green Chemistry, 17 (6), 3424-3435.

Fan, J., De Bruyn, M., Budarin, V., Gronnow, M., Shuttleworth, P., Breeden, S., Macquarrie, D., and Clark, J., (2013) Direct microwave-assisted hydrothermal depolymerization of cellulose, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 135 (32), 11728-11731

Budarin, V. L., Shuttleworth, P. S., Dodson, J. R., Hunt, A. J., Lanigan, B., Marriott, R., Milkowski, K. J., Wilson, A. J., Breeden, S. W., Fan, J., Sin, E. H. K. & Clark, J. H. (2011). Use of green chemical technologies in an integrated biorefinery. Energy & Environmental Science, 4, 471-479.

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