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  • Photochemical Oxidative Addition of Germane and Diphenylgermane to Ruthenium Dihydride Complexes
    D P Dickinson, S W Evans, M Grellier, H Kendall, R N Perutz, B Procacci, S Sabo-Etienne, K A Smart and A C Whitwood, Organometallics, 2019, 38, 626-637.
  • Using para hydrogen induced polarization to study steps in the hydroformylation reaction
    D Guan, C Godard, S M Polas, R P Tooze, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Dalton Trans, 2019, 48, 2664-2675.
  • Filling a Niche in "Ligand Space" with Bulky, Electron-Poor Phosphorus(III) Alkoxides
    S Hussein, D Priester, P Beet, J Cottom, S J Hart, T James, R J Thatcher, A C Whitwood and J M Slattery, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2019, 25, 2262-2271.
  • Condensation of free volume in structures of nematic and hexatic liquid crystals
    R J Mandle, N Stock, S J Cowling, R R Parker, S Hart, A C Whitwood and J W Goodby, Liq Cryst, 2019, 46, 114-123.
  • Synthesis of Oxazolidinones using Carbon Dioxide as a C-1 Building Block and an Aluminium-based Catalyst
    M Sengoden, M North and A Whitwood, ChemSusChem, 2019.
  • Iridium α-carboxyimine complexes hyperpolarized with para-hydrogen exist in nuclear singlet states before conversion into iridium carbonates
    B J Tickner, W Iali, S S Roy, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, ChemPhysChem, 2019, 20, 241-245.
  • Metal- and Halide-Free Catalyst for the Synthesis of Cyclic Carbonates from Epoxides and Carbon Dioxide
    X Wu, C Chen, Z Guo, M North and A C Whitwood, ACS Catal, 2019, 9, 1895-1906.
  • The critical role played by water in controlling Pd catalyst speciation in arylcyanation reactions
    J T W Bray, M J Ford, P B Karadakov, A C Whitwood and I J S Fairlamb, React Chem Eng, 2019, 4, 122-130.


  • Harnessing asymmetric N-heterocyclic carbene ligands to optimise SABRE hyperpolarisation
    C M Wong, M Fekete, R Nelson-Forde, M R D Gatus, P J Rayner, A C Whitwood, S B Duckett and B A Messerle, Catal Sci Technol, 2018, 8, 4925-4933.
  • Unexpected, photochemically induced activation of the tetrabutylammonium cation by hexachloroplatinate(IV)
    I H Silalahi, N K Sethi, M Z Shafikov, V Chechik, A C Whitwood and D W Bruce, Chem Commun, 2018, 54, 13682-13685.
  • Sequential X-ray-Induced Single-Crystal to Single-Crystal Transformation followed by Topotactic Reduction in a Potassium Crown Ether Complex of Tetrachloroaurate(III)
    N K Sethi, A C Whitwood and D W Bruce, Inorg Chem, 2018, 57, 13524-13532.
  • Using hyperpolarised NMR and DFT to rationalise the unexpected hydrogenation of quinazoline to 3,4-dihydroquinazoline
    J E Richards, A J J Hooper, O W Bayfield, M C R Cockett, G J Dear, A J Holmes, R O John, R E Mewis, N Pridmore, A D Roberts, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Chem Commun, 2018, 54, 10375-10378.
  • 1,2,4-Triazolium ions as flexible scaffolds for the construction of polyphilic ionic liquid crystals
    A Riccobono, R R Parker, A C Whitwood, J M Slattery, D W Bruce, I Pibiri and A Pace, Chem Commun, 2018, 54, 9965-9968.
  • Fine-tuning the efficiency of para-hydrogen-induced hyperpolarization by rational N-heterocyclic carbene design
    P J Rayner, P Norcott, K M Appleby, W Iali, R O John, S J Hart, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Nat Commun, 2018, 9, 1-11.
  • Splay nematic phase
    A Mertelj, L Cmok, N Sebastian, R J Mandle, R R Parker, A C Whitwood, J W Goodby and M Copic,, e-Print Arch, Condens Matter, 2018, 1-12.
  • Late Pleistocene-Holocene coastal adaptation in central Mediterranean: Snapshots from Grotta d’Oriente (NW Sicily)
    A C Colonese, D Lo Vetro, W Landini, Z Di Giuseppe, N Hausmann, B Demarchi, C d’Angelo, M J Leng, A Incarbona, A C Whitwood and F Martini, Quaternary International, 2018, 493, 114-126. 
  • Development of pharmaceutically relevant bio-based intermediates though aldol condensation and Claisen-Schmidt reactions of dihydrolevoglucosenone (Cyrene)
    L Hughes, C R McElroy, A C Whitwood and A J Hunt, Green Chem, 2018, 20, 4423-4427.
  • Ring-Opening Metathesis Polymerization of Tertiary Amide Monomers Derived from a Biobased Oxanorbornene
    S B Lawrenson, S Hart, I D V Ingram, M North, R R Parker and A C Whitwood, ACS Sustainable Chem Eng, 2018, 6, 9744-9752.
  • Self-complementary nickel halides enable multifaceted comparisons of intermolecular halogen bonds: fluoride ligands vs. other halides
    V Thangavadivale, P M Aguiar, N A Jasim, S J Pike, D A Smith, A C Whitwood, L Brammer and R N Perutz, Chemical Science, 2018, 9, 3767-3781.
  • Synthesis, Mesomorphism, and Photophysics of 2,5-Bis(dodecyloxyphenyl)pyridine Complexes of Platinum(IV)
    R R Parker, J P Sarju, A C Whitwood, J A G Williams, J M Lynam and D W Bruce, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2018, 24, 19010-19023.


  • Spectroscopic and conductometric study of interaction of anionic surfactants with [Co(phen)3]F2·2H2O complex
    N Younas, M A Rashid, S Nazir, M Usman, R A Sarfraz, A Jamil and A C Whitwood, J Mol Liq, 2017, 240, 351-360.
  • Redox-tagged carbon monoxide-releasing molecules (CORMs): ferrocene-containing [Mn(C-N)(CO)4] complexes as a promising new CORM class
    B J Aucott, J S Ward, S G Andrew, J Milani, A C Whitwood, J M Lynam, A Parkin and I J S Fairlamb, Inorg Chem, 2017, 56, 5431-5440.
  • Co-Crystallisation of 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene with Three Different Symmetric Dipyridylacetylacetone Isomers Produces Four Halogen-Bonded Architectures
    J J Brown, A J Brock, M C Pfrunder, J P Sarju, A Z Perry, A C Whitwood, D W Bruce, J C McMurtrie and J K Clegg, Aust J Chem, 2017, 70, 594-600.
  • A Structurally Characterized Fluoroalkyne
    L M Hall, D P Tew, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood, J M Lynam and J M Slattery, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 7551-7556.
  • Structure of [Co(im)6]SiF6: short hydrogen bonds involving SiF62- ions
    S Nazir, M Arif, M A Rashid and A C Whitwood, Chin J Struct Chem, 2017, 36, 965-970.
  • Mild and Regioselective Pd(OAc)2-Catalyzed C-H Arylation of Tryptophans by [ArN2]X, Promoted by Tosic Acid
    A J Reay, L A Hammarback, J T W Bray, T Sheridan, D Turnbull, A C Whitwood and I J S Fairlamb, ACS Catal., 2017, 7, 5174-5179.
  • Redox Couple Involving NOx in Aerobic Pd-Catalyzed Oxidation of sp3-C-H Bonds: Direct Evidence for Pd-NO3-/NO2- Interactions Involved in Oxidation and Reductive Elimination
  • M N Wenzel, P K Owens, J T W Bray, J M Lynam, P M Aguiar, C Reed, J D Lee, J F Hamilton, A C Whitwood and I J S Fairlamb, J Am Chem Soc, 2017, 139, 1177-1190.


  • Access to novel fluorovinylidene ligands via exploitation of outer-sphere electrophilic fluorination: new insights into C-F bond formation and activation.
    L M Milner, L M Hall, N E Pridmore, M K Skeats, A C Whitwood, J M Lynam and J M Slattery, Dalton Trans, 2016, 45, 1717-1726.
  • Mesomorphism and Photophysics of Some Metallomesogens Based on Hexasubstituted 2,2':6', 2''-Terpyridines.
    N S S Kumar, M Z Shafikov, A C Whitwood, B Donnio, P B Karadakov, V N Kozhevnikov and D W Bruce, Chem Euro J, 2016, 22, 8215-8233.
  • Homogeneous and silica-supported zinc complexes for the synthesis of propylene carbonate from propane-1,2-diol and carbon dioxide
    J W Comerford, S J Hart, M North and A C Whitwood, Catal Sci Technol, 2016, 6, 4824-4831
  • Ring opening metathesis polymerisation of a new bio-derived monomer from itaconic anhydride and furfuryl alcohol
    Y Bai, M De Bruyn, J H Clark, J R Dodson, T J Farmer, M Honore, I D V Ingram, M Naguib, A C Whitwood and M North, Green Chem, 2016, 18, 3945-3948.
  • Using signal amplification by reversible exchange (SABRE) to hyperpolarise 119Sn and 29Si NMR nuclei
    A M Olaru, A Burt, P J Rayner, S J Hart, A C Whitwood, G G R Green and S B Duckett, Chem Commun, 2016, 52, 14482-14485.
  • Platinum(0)-mediated C-O bond activation of ethers via an SN2 mechanism.
    M A Ortuno, N A Jasim, A C Whitwood, A Lledos and R N Perutz, Dalton Trans, 2016, 45, 18842-18850.
  • Manganese(I)-Catalyzed C-H Activation: The Key Role of a 7-Membered Manganacycle in H-Transfer and Reductive Elimination
    N P Yahaya, K M Appleby, M Teh, C Wagner, E Troschke, J T W Bray, S B Duckett, L A Hammarback, J S Ward, J Milani, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood, J M Lynam and I J S Fairlamb, Angew Chem, Int Ed, 2016, 55, 12455-12459.
  • Intelligent Approach to Solvent Substitution: The Identification of a New Class of Levoglucosenone Derivatives
    A A C Pacheco, J Sherwood, A Zhenova, C R McElroy, A J Hunt, H L Parker, T J Farmer, A Constantinou, M De Bruyn, A C Whitwood, W Raverty and J H Clark, ChemSusChem, 2016, 9, 3503-3512.
  • Iridium Cyclooctene Complex That Forms a Hyperpolarization Transfer Catalyst before Converting to a Binuclear C-H Bond Activation Product Responsible for Hydrogen Isotope Exchange
    Iali, G G R Green, S J Hart, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Inorg Chem, 2016, 55, 11639-11643.
  • Photoactivated functionizable tetracarbonyl phenylpyridine manganese(I) complexes as CO-releasing molecules: a direct Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling on a thermally-stable CO-RM
    J M Lynam, J S Ward, J T W Bray, B J Aucott, C Wagner, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood, J W B Moir and I J S Fairlamb, Eur J Inorg Chem, 2016, 2016, 5044-5051.


  • Substrate scope in the copper-mediated construction of bis-oxindoles via a double C-H/Ar-H coupling process.
    P Drouhin, T E Hurst, A C Whitwood and R J K Taylor, Tetrahedron, 2015, Ahead of Print. 
  • Metal backbone polymers [M(isn-κNpy)4(μ-SiF6-κF,F')]n (M = Cu, Co, Ni; isn = isonicotinamide) containing an unusual hexafluoridosilicato bridge.
    S Nazir, M A Rashid, M Arif, A Romerosa and A C Whitwood, Inorg Chim Acta, 2015, 427, 198-202.
  • Activation of B-H, Si-H, and C-F Bonds with Tp'Rh(PMe3) Complexes: Kinetics, Mechanism, and Selectivity.
    B Procacci, Y Jiao, M E Evans, W D Jones, R N Perutz and A C Whitwood, J Am Chem Soc, 2015, 137, 1258-1272. 
  • AsCat and FurCat: new Pd catalysts for selective room-temperature Stille cross-couplings of benzyl chlorides with organostannanes.
    T O Ronson, J R Carney, A C Whitwood, R J K Taylor and I J S Fairlamb, Chem Commun, 2015, 51, 3466-3469.
  • Improving the Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 to CO through Immobilization of a Molecular Re Catalyst on TiO2.
    D Windle, E Pastor, A Reynal, A C Whitwood, Y Vaynzof, J R Durrant, R N Perutz and E Reisner, Chem Eur J, 2015, 21, 3746-3754.
  • Dispersion, solvent and metal effects in the binding of gold cations to alkynyl ligands: implications for Au(I) catalysis.
    L Ciano, N Fey, C J V Halliday, J M Lynam, L M Milner, N Mistry, N E Pridmore, N S Townsend and A C Whitwood, Chem Commun, 2015, 51, 9702-9705.
  • Rapid Markovnikov addition of HCl to a pendant alkyne: evidence for a quinoidal cumulene.
    S G Eaves, S J Hart, A C Whitwood, D S Yufit, P J Low and J M Lynam, Chem Commun, 2015, 51, 9362-9365.
  • The reaction of an iridium PNP complex with parahydrogen facilitates polarisation transfer without chemical change.
    A J Holmes, P J Rayner, M J Cowley, G G R Green, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Dalton Trans, 2015, 44, 1077-1083.
  • Synthesis of a series of new platinum organometallic complexes derived from bidentate Schiff-base ligands and their catalytic activity in the hydrosilylation and dehydrosilylation of styrene.
    M B Lachachi, T Benabdallah, P M Aguiar, M H Youcef, A C Whitwood and J M Lynam, Dalton Trans, 2015, 44, 11919-11928.
  • Deactivation of signal amplification by reversible exchange catalysis, progress towards in vivo application.
    R E Mewis, M Fekete, G G R Green, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Chem Commun, 2015, 51, 9857-9859.
  • Aluminum(salen) Complexes as Catalysts for the Kinetic Resolution of Terminal Epoxides via CO2 Coupling.
    M North, S C Z Quek, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood and X Wu, ACS Catal, 2015, 5, 3398-3402.
  • Catalytic Transfer of Magnetism Using a Neutral Iridium Phenoxide Complex.
    A J Ruddlesden, R E Mewis, G G R Green, A C Whitwood and S B Duckett, Organometallics, 2015, 34, 2997-3006.
  • Mechanistic Elucidation of the Arylation of Non-Spectator N-Heterocyclic Carbenes at Copper Using a Combined Experimental and Computational Approach.
    T J Williams, J T W Bray, B R M Lake, C E Willans, N A Rajabi, A Ariafard, C Manzini, F Bellina, A C Whitwood and I J S Fairlamb, Organometallics, 2015, 34, 3497-3507.
  • Unified reaction conditions for the mild and selective Pd-catalyzed C2-arylation of tryptophans and tryptophan-containing peptides.
    A Reay, T Williams, A Hammarback, A Whitwood and I Fairlamb (2015).  250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society.
  • Outer-Sphere Electrophilic Fluorination of Organometallic Complexes.
    L M Milner, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood, J M Lynam and J M Slattery, J Am Chem Soc, 2015, 137, 10753-10759.
  • The Contrasting Character of Early and Late Transition Metal Fluorides as Hydrogen Bond Acceptors.
    D A Smith, T Beweries, C Blasius, N Jasim, R Nazir, S Nazir, C C Robertson, A C Whitwood, C A Hunter, L Brammer and R N Perutz, J Am Chem Soc, 2015, 137, 11820-11831.
  • Comparison of rhenium-porphyrin dyads for CO2 photoreduction: photocatalytic studies and charge separation dynamics studied by time-resolved IR spectroscopy.
    C D Windle, M W George, R N Perutz, P A Summers, X Z Sun and A C Whitwood, Chem Sci, 2015, 6, 6847-6864.
  • The Role of Fluorine Substituents in the Regioselectivity of Intramolecular C-H Bond Functionalization of Benzylamines at Palladium(II).
    J Milani, N E Pridmore, A C Whitwood, I J S Fairlamb and R N Perutz, Organometallics, 2015, 34, 4376-4386. 

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