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Dr Luke A. Wilkinson
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow



Luke obtained his undergraduate MChem degree from the University of East Anglia, Norwich in 2011. He then moved to the University of Sheffield and the University of Huddersfield to complete a PhD with Dr Nathan Patmore on charge transfer mechanisms in dimers of quadruply bonded dimolybdenum paddlewheel complexes.

In 2016, Luke took up a one-year postdoctoral position in the group of Dr James Walton at Durham University working on C-H functionalisation of eta-6 bound arenes, before moving to Imperial College London to undertake a two and a half year postdoctoral position with Professor Nicholas Long, where he worked on developing ferrocene-phthalocyanine assemblies for thermoelectric applications.

In September 2019, Luke moved to York as a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow to work on paddlewheel-porphyrin conjugates for solar harvesting applications.

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-8550-3226



Work in the Wilkinson lab focuses on Metal-metal (multiply)bonded paddlewheel complexes as cornerstones for supramolecular entities and functional materials. Current projects are:

  • the construction of dimolybdenum paddlewheel complexes bearing porphyrin based ligands for solar harvesting and molecular electronic applications
  • the development of dimolybdenum paddlewheel complexes as 'clickable' motifs for easy functonalisation of selected targets.


Students in the Wilkinson Group will develop their skills in air-sensitive synthesis and gain experience in a broad range of electrochemical and spectroscopic analytical techniques.

If you are interested in undertaking a research project in the Wilkinson Lab, please do get in touch ( Funded projects will be advertised on the University of York Chemistry website, but we are always open to the possibility of hosting self-funded students and Post-Doctoral Research Associates.


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A full list of publications can be found on Luke’s PURE profile.

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Dr Luke A. Wilkinson
Leverhulme Trust Early Career Research Fellow
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