Professor Robin Perutz Highlights

Awards and Distinctions

  • 2010 Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, the UK's national academy of sciences
  • 2009 Franco-British Award of the French Chemical Society 2009-10
  • 2008 Luigi Sacconi medal of the Italian Chemical Society for outstanding achievement in Inorganic Chemistry.
  • President of Dalton Division of Royal Society of Chemistry 2007-10
  • Nyholm Medal and Lectureship of Royal Society of Chemistry 2005
  • Editorial Advisory Board of Accounts of Chemical Research 2006-2008

Plenary and Invited Lectures

  • Plenary lecture, XXVIII Spanish Organometallic Chemistry Conference, Huelva, September 2010
  • Plenary Lecture, Symposium on Inorganic Chemistry in Ireland, Belfast, September 2010
  • Franco-British Prize Lecture, Paris, May 2010
  • Franco-British Prize Lecture tour to Strasbourg, Lyon, Montpellier and Toulouse, February 2010
  • Plenary lecture, International Summer School on Organometallic Chemistry, Camerino, Italy, September 2009
  • Invited Lecture, symposium at ACS Congress, Salt Lake City, April 2009
  • Invited Lecture, symposium on theory and experiment in inorganic chemistry, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, June 2009
  • Invited session lecture, Chinese Chemical Congress, Tianjin July 2008
  • Sacconi Prize lecture, Italian Chemical Society, XVI Inorganic Chemistry Congress, Lecce, September 2008
  • Keynote Lecture, International Symposium on Photophysics and Photochemistry of Coordination Compounds, Dublin, July 2007
  • Invited lecture, 40th Silicon Symposium, Victoria, British Columbia, May 2007