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Professor Dame Pratibha Gai Highlights

  • JEOL Professor and Yorkshire Forward Chair of Electron Microscopy
  • Institute of Physics 2010 Gabor Medal and Prize for pioneering atomic resolution environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM) to observe gas molecule-solid reactions at the atomic scale
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • Publications: Over 250 refereed scientific papers and 9 co-authored books

Additional Distinctions and highlights

  • Development of atomic resolution-ETEM and applications.
  • Japan Society for Promotion of Science Fellowship tenable at Nanocentre (for Dr. Yoshida); UK-India Educational Research Initiative (UKIERI) award; Industrial collaborations with studentships
  • Visiting Professor, University of Delaware, USA; Awards from the Royal Society-Paul Instrument fund and Institution of Materials (UK) Metaserv awards for electron microscopy.
  • DuPont Global Engineering Excellence Award for Breakthrough in-situ nanocoating technology invention for high strength polymers

Recent Plenary/Named Lectures

  • International Advanced Microscopy and Theory Conference, Nagoya, Japan;
  • Royal Society sponsored international conference on industrial catalysis;
  • International Microscopy Congress (IMC17-2010) on in-situ Electron Microscopy (EM), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 
  • Royal Society conference on Aberration corrected electron microscopy;
  •  Electron microscopy conference, University of Cadiz, Spain;
  • Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India;
  • Johnson Matthey Lecture;
  • Lecture, EMAG conference, UK;
  • Royal Microscopical Society Lecture, Department of Materials, University of Oxford;
  • French Electron Microscopy Congress, Paris, France; 
  • European Microscopy Congress, Aachen, Germany; 

Organiser and Chair

  • Organiser of internaional symposia including in-situ EM symposium at Microscience 2010, London; 
  • Organiser and Chair of in-situ electron microscopy at European Microscopy Congress,
  • Organiser and Chair and Catalytic Materials symposium at IMC17, Brazil.
  • Organiser of Cantor Nanoscience lectures with Departments (2009-2010) and arranging visits of chemistry Nobel Laureates to the Nanocentre.

Editorial boards of journals and as guest editor

  • Served on editorial boards of journals and as co-editor and guest editor:
    Microscopy and Microanalysis (Cambridge University Press); Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science (Elsevier); Annual Review of Materials Research (USA); Microscopy Research and Technique (Wiley-Blackwell).
  • World Technology Network Fellow (elected 2009, New York, USA).

Selected Issued Patents

  • P L Gai
    Novel crystalline compositions of doped ceramics
    US 7101820 issued
  • P L Gai with N S Subra and B Diemer
    Novel in situ nanocoating process for titania pigments
    US PATENT 7029,648 B2
  • K Kourtakis and P L Gai
    Vanadium phosphorus oxide catalysts with promoter reagents
    US Patent 6903047
  • S M Dalziel, T Friedmann and P L Gai
    Solid flowable powder with high liquid loading.
    European patent EP 1,551,570 (15 pages).