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POB Group News 2018

December 2018

POB Group Christmas Meal 2018

November 2018

  • We held our last meeting of the 3-D Fragments Consortium of industrial partners.  Thanks to Astex, AstraZeneca, Lilly, Pfizer and Vernalis for all of the input into the project. 


  • Peter gave a research seminar at Oxford University and talked about 'New routes to nitrogen, oxygen, and sulphur heterocycles: exploring 3D pharmaceutical space'.


October 2018

  • Welcome to new PhD student Matthew, who will be working on lithiation of nitrogen heterocycles, and to Masters student Andres who will be working on methods for fragment elaboration.


  • Welcome back to Giordaina Hartley who is carrying out a PhD on lithiated sulfoximines supervised by ex-POB group member Masa Atobe from Asahi Kasei.


  • Welcome to MChem students Tom French and Freddy Weaver who will be working on the lithiation of oxygen and sulfur heterocycles.

 ‌Peter with MChem students Tom and Freddy


  • James and Hanna presented posters at FBLD 2018 in San Diego on 7th-10th October. Both disclosed their work on the 3-D fragments project. They were accompanied by long-time collaborator and conference organiser Prof Rod Hubbard and co-workers Dr John Darby, Eleni Makraki and Bas Lamoree. Former POB group visiting researcher Masa Atobe (Asahi KASEI) was also present.


September 2018

  • Final year PhD students Paul Jones and Tom Downes gave presentations at the AstraZeneca CASE Conference on 6-7th September in Macclesfield. Both talked about their work on the 3-D fragments project. York was very well represented at the meeting (see photo below of Peter, Paul and Tom with other people with York links): ex-York AstraZeneca employees included Darren Stead (PhD in the O’Brien group), Steve Raw (PhD and post-doc in the Taylor group) and James Douglas (York undergraduate); PhD student Jennifer Nelson (currently with Matt Gaunt) was a York undergraduate; Susannah Coote (Lancaster University) (PhD in the O’Brien group) is a supervisor of one of the other PhD student presenters.

2018 AstraZeneca CASE Conference


  • PhD student Hanna Klein and Peter attended the EU ITN FRAGNET Meeting on 10-15th September in Budapest. Hanna was accompanied by Hubbard group PhD students Eleni Makraki and Bas Lamoree and ex-York undergraduate David Hamilton (currently carrying out a PhD in Amsterdam). All the York PhD researchers gave great talks on their recent work. There was also time for socialising and networking, including an evening meal on a river boat on the Danube.

2018 EU ITN FRAGNET Meeting


  • Three members of the group, Paul Jones, Tom Downes and Nico Seling, presented posters at a postgraduate meeting organised by the RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group, which was held at GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage on 20th September. Tom also gave an excellent flash poster advert.

 RSC Heterocyclic & Synthesis Group Postgraduate Meeting


  • Welcome to new Masters student Alex. She will working on the C-H functionalisation of sulfoximines using organolithium reagents.

August 2018

Lead- and Fragment-oriented Synthesis, in Chemical and Biological Synthesis: Enabling Approaches for Understanding Biology


June 2018

  • Giordaina and Tom Downes attended the Oxford Synthesis Summer Conference on 25-26 June. Giordaina presented a poster on her MSc research entitled ”α-Functionalisation of Cyclic Sulfoximines: Scope and Diastereoselectivity” and Tom gave a poster on the 3-D Fragments projects in the group. Tom also gave a well-received flash presentation entitled “Design and Synthesis of a 3-D Fragment Library”.

    Giordaina Oxford 2018Tom Oxford 2018


  • Our latest paper is out in Heterocycles. A Synthetic and Spectroscopic Investigation of the Asymmetric α-Lithiation-trapping of Six-Membered N-Boc Heterocycles using Alexakis Diamines. Heterocycles. 2018, DOI: 10.3987/COM-18-S(T)87 

 A Synthetic and Spectroscopic Investigation of the Asymmetric α-Lithiation-trapping of Six-Membered N-Boc Heterocycles using Alexakis Diamines


April 2018

  • Paul gave an excellent talk on the design and synthesis of 3D fragments at the SCI's 29th Regional Postgraduate Symposia on Novel Organic Chemistry at Newcastle University.

Paul at the 29th Regional Postgraduate Symposia on Novel Organic Chemistry


  • The POB group went to the RSC Organic Division North East Regional Meeting 2018 held at the University of Leeds, with most of the group presenting posters.

RSC Organic Division North East Regional Meeting 2018


  • Congratulations to Paul, who won a prize at the Johnson Matthey Poster Competition for third year PhD students!

Johnson Matthey Poster Competition 2018


February 2018

Ag(I)-Catalyzed Synthesis of Azabicyclic Alkaloid Frameworks from Ketimine-Tethered Ynones: Total Synthesis of Indolizidine 209D

January 2018

  • Hanna attended a Fragments Training Network (FragNet) meeting in Barcelona, Spain between 22nd-26th January. FragNet is part of a EU funded Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN) set up to train a new generation of researchers in all aspects of Fragment-Based Ligand Design (FBLD). 

FragNet meeting Barcelona 2018