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Ulises Garay
PhD Student



Ulises is a PhD student affiliated with the Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (TEEHTA) based in the Centre for Health Economics. He is supervised by Simon Walker and Marta Soares, and his studentship focuses on health economic evaluation methods of diagnostic technologies. 
He also works for Roche Diagnostics international, based in Switzerland, as Evidence Generation Leader for the Global Access and Health Policy Team (GA&P). Before joining Roche, he worked for 9 years as a researcher in health economics at the Institute of Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy (IECS) of Argentina. He is  is past chair of the Special Interest Group (SIG) of Medical Devices and Diagnostics of ISPOR
He holds a Degree in Economics from Buenos Aires University (UBA), a Master's Degree in epidemiology, Management, and Health Policies from Lanús University (UNLa), and a Master's Degree in Public Economics/Health Economics from Aix-Marseille Université.


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  • Team for Economic Evaluation and Health Technology Assessment (TEEHTA)


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Ulises Garay
PhD Student
Centre for Health Economics